I'm A Celebrity 2019: Jacqui Lambie, Dermott Brereton And Richard Reid Head Into The Jungle

Three more celebs have been announced just hours before ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ kicks off, each promising their fair share of entertainment.

Former Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie hopes to drop the “former” from her title and thinks the jungle is the perfect place to kickstart that dream.

“Obviously I’d like to win my seat back in the Senate,” Lambie told 10 daily before heading into camp for the first time, “Is this a risk? Is it a risk if I don’t do something? For me, since there was nothing else on the table it actually wasn’t much of a choice.”

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“I think it’ll be a good thing for me,” Lambie admitted, “it’ll be nice to have a month break while everyone else is on holiday. I guess my holiday is going on a bit of a 'health retreat'."

Lambie wasn’t worried about heading into the jungle, after spending 10 years in the military she wasn’t the least bit concerned with the living arrangements in the camp.

“I think after spending a lot of time out in the field… it has to be more pleasant,” Lambie said, “Between the burping and the farting you get used to out there, surely [her campmates] have to be a bit more pleasant.”

Calling herself GI Jac, the Tassie mum of two was looking forward to showing the nation what her time in the army taught her. Unfortunately for Jacqui, she has no idea what she’ll be facing.

“I’ve never watched the show,” she admitted, “wouldn’t have a smick what you do in there. I like to go in blindfolded, I find that so much more exciting. There are no perceptions then, you just walk in and take it as it comes.”

Joining Lambie, but with a lot less enthusiasm for the challenges ahead is AFL legend, Dermott Brereton.

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“If you asked me what type of challenge am I looking forward to? None of them,” Brereton told 10 daily.

“Overall as a challenge I’m looking forward to it,” the 54-year-old said, “but I don’t think anybody in their right mind could say they’d love to come in here and eat sheep’s eyeballs, goat entrails and a male elephant’s circumcision discard. Things like that, I don’t think anyone could say, ‘Yeah, that’ll be fun’.”

Brereton said some people might be surprised to see him wandering into the jungle, battling whatever Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris throw at him. His response was a shrug and a casual, “You gotta be somewhere in life.

“I often get people walking up to me saying, ‘What are you doing here?’,” he said adding, “normally I just say… you gotta be somewhere.”

After his illustrious career with Hawthorn Football Club, Brereton went on to work as a presenter, commentator, columnist and radio host. And now, he’s putting all that aside to face all sorts of nasty trials and challenges.

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“I’m looking forward to the other challenges more than the food [trials],” Brereton admitted.

One celeb who apparently will have no problem with the food trials is the gossip guru himself, Richard Reid.

“It’s commonly known on Oxford Street I have no gag reflex, I pride myself on that,” Reid joked when 10 daily saw him before heading into the jungle.

“I’m a bit of a picky eater, so I’m not looking forward to some of the grosser food challenges,” Reid said before adding, “I’m going to give every single challenge my all. I’m really looking forward to the more active, sportier challenges.”

Despite his gung-ho attitude, Reid will be trading his trademark vibrant shirts for his best khakis and facing two of his great fears: heights and being hangry.

“I’m f**king terrified of heights. Even saying the word ‘heights’ I’m breaking out in a sweat. By doing this show I want to challenge myself on every level possible,” Reid told 10 daily.

While the Hollywood insider may be prepared to face his fears, one thing he isn’t so ready for is living in close quarters with his campmates.

“I pretty much live a very solitary life so to be around a lot of people 24/7 is going to be the biggest challenge,” Reid admitted, “especially people with big personalities.”

“The qualities that irritate me most in other people are an irritating voice and a loud talker, yet I’ve got an irritating voice and I’m a SUPER loud talker… so maybe I just don’t want to be around myself, I don’t know.”

These new campmates join the previously announced Sam Dastyari and Gogglebox’s Angie Kent and Yvie Jones.

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I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 13 January at 7.30pm on 10 And 10 Play.