I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2019: Meet The Celebs

These 12 brave celebrities will be giving up all their comforts and heading into the jungle to face all sorts of challenges, and we can't wait.

Ajay Rochester

Ajay may be best known for her time hosting The Biggest Loser, but these days she’s a best-selling author and producer who has spent the last few years living in the United States. An I’m A Celeb uber-fan, Ajay told 10 daily she has no problem living in the outdoors.

“I’m a country girl," she explained. "We literally spent most of my life with my dad doing up our house, so there were various walls missing and so I feel like that just… you’re just not precious, you know?”

She continued:

“You grow up in the country with snakes and spiders in your house… you check the dunny seat before you sit down and you knock your boots out. I’m not a princess by any regard. I’m a single mother who brought up her son, I taught him how to ride a bike, to bait a hook, I taught him to shoot. I’m that kind of mum.”

Angie Kent

One half of the Gogglebox duo heading into the jungle this year, Angie is giving up judging other shows from the comfort of her couch in favour of camp life. While she was trying not to sweat the small stuff, Angie told us one of her biggest fears was literally sweating too much.

“I have such sweaty hands,” she confessed, “the only thing I’m frightened of is if I just slippery dip off the trial! I’m just going to look like such a dick.”

“It’ll be like, ‘Oh this is her sixth try… you can do it, Angie!’ and I’m just slipping off?” she said, adding: “I’m not an overly embarrassed person so I think I’d give everything a red hot go.”

Dermott Brereton

AFL legend and sports commentator Dermott Brereton told us that his sporting background meant he was going into the jungle with a strong team mentality. “I’m hoping there’ll be other sportsmen, former or current, because they have an attitude to participating in a team as well,” he said, before adding: “Unless they play a sport that’s a singular sport.”

“I think we saw Bernard Tomic last year demonstrate last year to be a sportsman who plays in a single entity sport,” he said. “There wasn’t much about the team that Bernard thought and it was mostly about Bernard’s welfare so… Yeah. It would be difficult to survive somebody’s attitude like that.”

Looks like the camp will be mighty shady this year.

Jacqui Lambie

While she may be a former politician, Tasmania’s Jacqui Lambie hopes to change that after she gets out of the jungle. The army veteran isn’t worried about camp life at all, and barely batted an eyelid at the idea of having to surrender her phone and other devices.

“I didn’t even bring my phone over [to South Africa], I’ve just got a little spare one so I can connect with home,” she said. According to Lambie, when she went to Syria for two weeks for the SBS series Go Back To Where You Came From Live she never turned her phone onto roaming. The biggest thing she’ll miss in the jungle? The news.

“I guess if I’m kept occupied I won’t be thinking about it too much,” Lambie mused, “but not having that technology and checking up on all that will be a blessing in disguise.”

Justin Lacko

Love Island’s Kangatarian is still hungry for love, and he’s quietly hoping he’ll find it in the jungle. The New York-based model splits his time between the States and Australia, but for now, he’ll be putting aside the hair product and facing down some gruesome challenges.

Lacko told us that he isn’t too worried about the sleeping arrangements or the creepy crawlies he might face, but his biggest fear of heights.

"I want to conquer it,” he said, before conceding that he's “trying not to think about it too much".

"If it’s bungee jumping -- which I really hope it’s not -- I don’t know how I’m going to cope with it,” he confessed.

Still, the really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking model is looking at the silver lining of it all.

“I definitely wouldn’t go buy a ticket to go skydiving or bungee jumping but… when it’s right there in front of me I’ll have no choice but to push through," he said. "All I know is that I’ve got to fight for myself and my foundation.”

Justine Schofield

Now the face of Everyday Gourmet, OG MasterChef fan favourite Justine Schofield is no stranger to big challenges on TV, but no one is more surprised at her return to our screens than she is.

“I promised myself not to do reality TV again,” Schofield admitted, “but this is a different type of reality show. For me, it’s an opportunity you just can’t say no to.

“It was the perfect timing, right place, right time right place, for me to go and challenge myself.”

Luke Jacobz

Former X-Factor host, Home and Away star and Dancing with the Stars champion Luke Jacobz is hoping to replicate his reality TV success by being crowned king of the jungle. The only problem? He has no idea what he’s up against.

“They asked me if I was interested and I asked if it was the one where they go camping in the bush and they said yeah,” Jacobz said, admitting he has never watched the series before.

Still, a big fan of camping and being outdoors, Jacobz was totally ready to face every challenge -- even if that means losing his lunch.

“I have no fear of throwing up,” Jacobz said, “so if I have to eat something… if it comes up it comes up. And it’s going to taste awful, and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life, I’ll probably be emotionally scarred, but if it means we all win some fries or a piece of pizza then I’ll take one for the team.”

Natasha Exelby

Even if you don’t know her by name, you’ve almost certainly seen Natasha Exelby’s viral news blooper, which led to reports she was sacked by the ABC, though they later denied it. Luckily there’ll be no live-cross blunders while she’s facing the trials Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris have planned, luckily she’ll have a team to back her up.

“It’s in everybody’s interest for everybody to do well. If there’s someone in there who I absolutely hate, I’m still going to be cheering them on because they’re going to get a star which will possibly get me a chocolate,” Exelby said.

“When I saw Bernard Tomic have to put his hands in that striking snake thing, I felt sorry for Bernie,” she said, before adding, “I don’t feel sorry for that guy a lot. I was like, you got given the rough end of the stick! If there’s a total flog in there, I will absolutely take pleasure in them failing at something. Three days of oats just to see that person fall down.”

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Richard Reid

You know him from his time on Nine’s Today Show, on Celebrity Apprentice, or his time on Studio 10. Wherever you know him from, you know his signature loud prints and his signature loud voice. Richard Reid is ready to shake up the jungle with his signature style.

Despite being a Hollywood insider, Reid’s biggest fear is meeting the other celebs and having no clue who they are. “I’ve been really anxious that I’ll have that weird look on my face like ‘I don’t know who this person is but I’m going to pretend like I do’,” he told us.

“I’m pretty well across most of Australia’s celebrities and wannabes,” he said before adding, “I might falter with the footy players… unless they’re hot.”

Sam Dastyari

The second former politician heading into the jungle, Sam Dastyari isn’t heading into the jungle to show a different side of himself. “I’m a washed up, has-been politician,” Dastyari said.

“Everyone hates politicians,” he continued, “They particularly hate washed-up politicians. My message is: as much as you might think you hate me, I hate myself more.”

Dastyari’s reason behind heading into the jungle? To impress his 7-year-old daughter. “It’s one of the kinds of shows she’s allowed to watch!”

Tahir Bilgic

For some heading into the jungle, it was a big decision but for comedian, producer, writer and actor Tahir Bilgic, it was easy as.

“I’ve been lucky to do a lot of different shows, but if I do stand-up now I get excited more than nervous,” Bilgic said. “The nerves have gone. A show like this? It gets my juices flowing and I feel the nerves again.”

Despite being pumped for a new experience, Bilgic also worried about what would happen if his campmates forced him to cook for them. “I dunno how to cook… my background is Turkish so I wasn’t even allowed in the kitchen! That’s my excuse,” he joked.

“I wouldn’t know what to do, I’d just boil everything. Boil it! Boil it until it becomes… tender. Slow cook!”

Yvie Jones

The second half of the Gogglebox duo, Yvie Jones doesn’t mince her words when it comes to eating challenges. “When I saw Chrissy Swan was given an Impala anus with the hairs out of it I was like ‘Are you kidding?’” Jones said.

“But Dr. Chris said that was a huge treat to local tribes and when I saw that I thought 'oh, we are so entitled'. And if I’m starving? I’ll eat anything. I’ll eat the anus!” she said, laughing.

“I mean, who hasn’t eaten anus? Who hasn’t?! My girlfriends are like ‘What are you going to do about eating all that anus?’ and I’m like, oh please. You’ve eaten so many arses. F**k off.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs Sunday to Thursday at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play. I’m A Celebrity Saturday Schoolies airs Saturdays at 7 on 10 and 10 Play.