I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari Heads Into The Jungle

From the world of politics to the African jungle, the former politician is the next camp mate who may be shouting ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’

Dastyari, who resigned from the Senate this time last year, will be trading Halal Snack Packs for all kinds of jungle delights as he joins the previously announced Gogglebox duo Angie Kent and Yvie Jones.

“Sure, there might be some critters in there, there might be some snakes and cockroaches but I’ve spent a lifetime dealing with sharks,” Dastyari told 10 daily before heading into the jungle.

“Those critters can’t be worse than the people you deal with in Australian politics.”

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Dastyari, who described himself as an “inner city wog from Sydney” said his entire motivation to do the show was to impress his 7-year-old daughter.

“I’m an Australian male who has a complete inability to show affection to my children,” Dastyari said. “I’m trying to win them over through reality television."

A fan of the show, the 35-year-old said his plan to prepare for his run in on I’m A Celeb was to initially request the show’s back catalogue from producers. Unfortunately, watching the show as a viewer and watching it as a prospective campmate are two different experiences.

“I remember it being a lot funnier and more fun and friendly until you actually realise this is stuff they can make you do,” he said.

“The novelty wore off really quickly.”

Deciding to scrap his initial plan after three episodes, the former politician said: “Let’s be clear about this. You’re dealing with someone who has miserably failed at everything they have attempted in their life… so I’m not sure the strategies I’m adopting for this is necessarily the best path forward.”

Just before heading into the hands of Dr Chris Brown and Lady Julia Morris, Dastyari had to surrender his prized possession: his phone.

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“My chaperone is a proper former member of the South African military,” he confessed saying that just minutes before he had to hand over his devices the chaperone leaned in and said “there’s a hard way and an easy way”.

“He told me he had killed seven people with his bare hands,” Dastyari said.

“I think that was a precursor to me having to give him my phone.”

Saying losing his phone was going to be harder than dealing with the bugs, Tucker Trials, sleeping outside and with his other mystery campmates, he admitted that was part of the appeal to the show.

“There’s no other way or reason why I would do a proper social media detox for this period of time,” he said, “I’m going to deal terribly [being out of the news cycle] but that’s the challenge,” he said adding, “the reality is you can go for a week and nothing actually happens."

"What’s going to happen? Scott Morrison’s going to stuff something up and Donald Trump’s going to be a dickhead. But nothing’s actually going to happen.”

While the show could offer some a chance at redeeming their public image and allowing a more vulnerable, authentic side show through, Dastyari waved the idea of the Aussie public seeing a different side of him with a blunt “I’m not interested in that”.

“I’m a washed-up, has-been politician,” he said before repeating, “Everyone hates politicians” several times despite there being no disagreement in the room.

“For me, this isn’t about second chances, this isn’t about some reincarnation or some pathway back to politics,” he said.

“This is about impressing a 7-year-old who happens to be my daughter.”

With Dastyari being the third camp member to be unmasked, there are still several clues yet to be solved.

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I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! premieres Sunday, 13 January at 7.30pm on 10 And 10 Play.