HBO Is Dishing Out Sopranos Nicknames To Celebs On Twitter

Celebrities including Roger Federer and Macaulay Culkin have been requesting tailor-made mob nicknames on the 20th anniversary of the classic show.

HBO put the call out today to anyone who's been desperately wondering what their mobster name would have been if they'd been part of Tony Soprano's crew, just like "Big Pussy" or Bobby "Bacala".

"I'm handing out Soprano nicknames. Who wants one?" the HBO Twitter account asked, probably unaware of how many celebs were about to flood their feed.

Mary Poppins Returns star Lin-Manuel Miranda was one of the first stars to request a tough-guy moniker -- and reminded us all he was actually part of the cast for one fleeting scene in 2007.

"Lin-Manuel. I was on season 6 but my character, a bellhop, didn’t have a name. COMPLETE MY JOURNEY," he wrote, before being branded as 'Lin The Man-Uel".

Film and TV stars including Macaulay Culkin, Jane Lynch, Phoebe Robinson, Ben Schwartz and Kumail Nanjiani also got in on the fun to see what the HBO intern (probably) could come up with.

Basketballer Blake Griffin became 'Dunk Tank', Jon Favreau got 'Don Jon', Laura Dern received the very cute title of 'My Best Friend' and Good Place actor D'Arcy Carden was rightly told that she's 'Not A Mobster'.

Brands, TV shows and apps joined the thread too, with Tinder becoming mobster "Wesley Swipes", Silicon Valley being christened 'Bad Algorithm' and The Walking Dead now to be known as 'Walkie Talkie'.

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And if you've enjoyed all this Sopranos reminiscing, the good news is that production has reportedly started on the upcoming prequel film by original creator David Chase.

The Many Scenes Of Newark will apparently include locations from the late '90s, early '00s TV series, including the ice cream parlour from the divisive 'fade to black' finale scene, Page Six is reporting.

Main Image: HBO via Getty Images.