Take A Break From Tidying Up With These Marie Kondo Tweets

Do these jokes spark joy?

In case you haven't checked a calendar lately, it's January, and those sneaky peeps over at Netflix very strategically releasedTidying Up With Marie Kondo on January 1st, right in time for all your 'new year, new me' lies!

The show is all about decluttering your life, making space for your ideal self, and gratefully discarding all the things in your life that do not 'spark joy' for you. It's based on Kondo's book Spark Joy: An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organising and Tidying Up.

Anyhoo, as with any new Netflix series, everyone is talking about it, which means the memes and funny tweets are here for you.

We hope these spark joy for you today!

Image: Netflix / Twitter