Former 'Neighbours' Actor Darius Perkins Has Died Age 54

The actor who first played the iconic role of Scott Robinson has reportedly passed away following a battle with cancer.

Perkins died on Wednesday age 54, according to reports from News Corp.

The actor was known for his roles in Neighbours, The Sullivans, Home and Away and A Country Practice. He won a juvenile Logie award in 1983 for his performance in All The Rivers Run.

Perkins appeared in the very first episode of Neighbours in 1985 as Scott Robinson before Jason Donovan later took on the role.

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The beloved actor then returned to Erinsborough in 2013-2014, playing an old friend and adversary of Paul Robinson, Marty Kranic.

Fans have paid tribute to Perkins on Twitter, fondly remembering his contributions to Australian television.

Main Image: Network Ten