OMG! ‘Stranger Things’ Drops Premiere Date With Creepy New Year’s Eve Countdown

Can you spot the hidden messages??

It's definitely a day of celebration, 'cos the premiere date for Stranger Things season three has just dropped -- in the creepiest way possible.

Announcing via various social media platforms -- as well as a video in New York's Time Square -- it looks like the ~official~ date the highly-anticipated third season will be dropping on Netflix on July 4th.

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The strange video announcement features a New Year’s Eve countdown video from 1985, complete with VHS tape tracking lines, warped audio and what sounds like Mike yelling Eleven's name at one point.  Scattered images throughout the tape included upside-down fireworks and lights, as well as strange coding.

In true Stranger Things fashion, the video also seemed to be littered with hidden messages, with one seemingly spelling out the phrase "when blue and yellow meet in the west."

Fans are already going wild over the teaser, with many complaining that they simply can't wait seven months until the new series.

At least that gives us seven whole months to suss out what these clues could mean, right??

Image: Netflix