Aussie Stars Ryan Corr And Phoebe Tonkin Talk Our Newest TV Obsession 'Bloom'

If you had the choice to relive your youth, would you?

That's the premise of Stan's newest addictive Aussie drama, which follows the story of people living in a small Victorian town following a devastating flood that killed five people.

As the townspeople remember the dead one year after the tragedy, they soon find that a strange new plant has begun to bloom which is they soon discover has the power to restore youth.

"The series explores the ideas of what would you take with you, what would you change and Who are you when you go back?" Ryan Corr, who plays Sam in the series, told 10 daily.

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"I thought the story was really simple, really unique and really edgy for an Australian drama," Phoebe Tonkin adds, who plays a younger version of Jacki Weaver's character, Gwen Reed.

"It was something very different to what I had read before," she added.

The young stars both play the transformed younger versions of people, who for vastly different reasons have decided to eat the berry in an effort to return to their youth.

In the case of character Gwen, her doting husband Ray (played by Bryan Brown) offers his wife the berry in an effort to free her from the effects of Alzheimer's that has seen her mental capacity decline in her old age, while Corr's Sam restores his own youth in an attempt to outrun his criminal past.

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When asked if they would take the youth-restoring berry if, given the chance IRL, the pair are both hesitant.

"No, I don't think I would," Phoebe revealed, as Corr added, "If it was for two days I would."

Tonkin agreed that she would try it as a one-off, adding, "I don't think I would want to rewrite the entire history of my life."

Given the issues that arise within the story, their answer isn't overly surprising. Throughout the series, young Gwen soon begins to find herself at odds between her adult self and her adolescent self, with her sudden urge to bear a child seeing her fall into the arms of a past love and away from her husband, who looks to be losing his wife to eternal youth much like he had been losing her to disease in her old age.

The series explores the various personalities and their different reasons behind wanting to chase eternal youth, and with that delves into themes of love, loss, and life.

All six episodes of 'Bloom' are set to bloom on Stan on January 1st, 2019. 

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