'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Got Re-Edited As 'Law & Order' And It's Brilliant

Dun-dun motherbuckets!

Your two favourite New York City cop shows have been mashed together to create a televisual masterpiece in celebration of Brooklyn Nine-Nine moving to NBC for its sixth and final season.

And while you might think it'd be tricky to blend the very serious crime procedural (Law & Order) with the hilarious cop comedy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) -- the mashup oddly works really well.

The use of the iconic Law & Order font instantly creates a grittier feel during the opening credits -- probably reminding us of all the gnarly murders we've watched unfold in the decades-old cop franchise.

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"On the streets of the city there are those that commit crimes and there are those who stop them," the serious narrator tells us. It even sounds like it could be the original Law & Order voice-over artist, Steven Zirnkilton or a very solid impersonator.

The clip uses scenes from season five and freezes them in dramatic black and white tableaux -- slowly zooming out to create that classic Law & Order suspense.

But it's the use of the show's signature bass guitar that really give the comedy a more ~chilling~ vibe -- a massive change from the upbeat, funky slaps of bass in the B99 soundtrack.

After the clip was posted on Twitter, the official Law & Order: SVU account gave it the Olivia Benson seal of approval.

"Well DUN DUN!" the account said.

We're sad to report that Brooklyn Order or Law Nine-Nine or whatever fan-fiction title you had in your head is not going to be an actual full-length show -- but at least we'll have new eps of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2019.

Main Image: Getty Images/NBC.