Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness Crushed His Year Six Talent Show

It's the end of the year and we all deserve this glorious footage of baby Jonathan Van Ness dancing his heart out.

The Queer Eye star appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was gobsmacked when Kimmel revealed that he'd managed to get a hold of the vintage '90s tape.

Van Ness -- who grew up in Quincy, Illinois -- performed a 'floor figure skating routine' for his year six talent show. The adorable tween created his own choreography and designed his seriously fashion-forward costume: a black smock that featured the word 'Right' surrounded by question marks.

"I designed this top, honey," Van Ness excitedly told Kimmel as they watched the tape. "The mask was all my idea," he added, referring to the dramatic prop taped to a headband.

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It's easy to see how this gorgeous, confident kid grew up to be the Jonathan Van Ness we've grown to love on Queer Eye -- although he said his mother warned him that he'd get bullied for the interpretive dance.

"My mum also said to me... she said, 'Honey if you do this, they're never going to let you live it down'."

"And I was like...'And?'" said Van Ness.

The Queer Eye grooming expert and Gay Of Thrones podcast host wrote on Instagram that it was quite a trip to watch the clip on national telly.

"I always wondered if I would see this footage someday... like when I was in college," he wrote. "I never imagined it would be on national tv."

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Van Ness has been working on his figure skating skills lately but has upgraded to gliding on actual ice.

If you need some wholesome content to soothe your soul at the end of this very long year, then please sift through his #jvnskates hashtag on Instagram for some truly beautiful clips of Van Ness working on his icy moves.

It's a long time until the next Winter Olympics, but we're rooting for Jonathan to join the US team for Beijing 2022.

Main Image: Getty Images.