A Black Mirror Movie Could Be Dropping Next Week

Get ready for another reflection on our bleak dystopic future, because it looks like we'll be seeing more 'Black Mirror' sooner than we thought!

The anthology series saw new life when it was picked up by Netflix a few years ago, and the streaming giant has invested tons into the award-winning show.

But now it looks like we'll be getting an end of year gift from the Black Mirror team. A feature-length gift!

Fans noticed the official @NXOnNetflix account posted a snapshot of December releases, including the title Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

A Black Mirror Movie Could Be Dropping Next Week
The image was quickly deleted after it was posted. Image: Twitter @NXOnNetflix.

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This wasn't the first time we had heard the title Bandersnatch, in fact, it's been popping up QUITE A BIT.

First, there were the pics from the set that leaked out as the streets of Croydon were transformed into a 1980s fantasia.

If that name sounds familiar it's because it comes from Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky in Through the Looking-Glass as well as reappearing in his poem Hunting of the Snark.

So it COULD be a reference to some Alice in Wonderland-esque adventure, but more likely? It's in reference to a video game that never came to be. Not only that but waaaayyy back in Season 3 -- the episode Playtest -- the name also popped up in a gaming magazine.

NOW, this isn't the first time we'll be getting a supersized episode of Black Mirror -- San Junipero and U.S.S. Callister were both feature-length but still considered "episodes". What makes Bandersnatch a little different is that it's currently listed as a "Netflix film".

Online sleuths noticed that when you search "Bandersnatch" in Netflix it pops up with a result that isn't part of the Black Mirror series.

A Black Mirror Movie Could Be Dropping Next Week
Fans noticed the curious result after trying to find out more info. Image: Netflix.

Also? Remember earlier this year the news that Netflix was testing a Choose Your Own Adventure style for Black Mirror? Well, there's a good chance that you could be navigating your own way through a depressing 1980s techno-dystopia!!!

Bandersnatch should land on Netflix next Friday, December 28.