The Cast Of 'Tidelands' Explain What 'Tidelands' Is About

There's small town dynamics, there's family dynamics, there's a crime ring, and, oh yeah, there's a community of sirens.

No matter which way you cut it, there's a lot going on in Tidelands, which is kind of like if you added sirens -- not mermaids! -- to Neighbours, but with the mood of True Blood. If you're like 'well, that's a confusing description that doesn't tell me anything?' don't worry! We thought so too, which is why we sat down with the Tidelands cast and made them tell us what it's all about.

Aaron Jakubenko laughed, exclaiming: “We’re still trying to figure it out! I feel like it’s a crime drama with a supernatural element in there”.

"It is a lot to explain," Charlotte Best agreed, laughing. "It’s like, it’s real, but it’s fantasy! But it’s searching --"

"-- it’s human, at the same time!" interjected Marco Pigossi.

"Yeah, it’s got great elements that sort of interweave," said Charlotte.

"It’s kind of like Animal Kingdom meets True Blood, or something like that," said Mattias Inwood. "You’ve got three different worlds, you’ve got the Tidelander community, you’ve got the Orphelin Bay community and then you’ve got the gang itself, and all of those three communities are linked by the ocean, which is in a sense its own entity, so there’s lot going on. There’s power plays between each of those communities."

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"You know, to explore themes like that which are really human and that you can relate to is really interesting," said Charlotte. "Also I wanted to be a mermaid. [laughs] It’s supposed to be siren! Don’t say the M word!"

So why sirens? Why not mermaids? And what's the difference between the two, anyway?

"Good question," said Elsa Pataky.

"It’s actually really blurred, I mean, you’d probably need an expert to give you the very specifics," added Aaron Jakubenko. "Originally there was a half-bird, half-fish -- which is where it came from -- and then eventually it evolved and mermaids and sirens were separate but now it’s a little more blurred. One’s more focused on the enchanting through the vocals where mermaids…

"Not as much," finished Elsa.

"We’ll have to bring an expert in on this one!" said Aaron.

"We just kept saying it had to be sirens, not mermaids. It’s more the enchanting thing that is different, it’s not just a half-fish in the water," Elsa added.

"I mean the mythology of sirens goes way back, seducing the fisherman," said Charlotte."In this story, they’re sort of like the motherly figure and they’re like these beautiful, haunting, scary, but wonderful creatures."

Marco agreed. "This mythology has always been in our minds, and mystery about the waters and sirens and everything, it’s really nice to explore and we’ve seen that in books -- Ulysses and everything . It’s a great theme."

Tidelands is streaming now on Netflix.