The 'Tidelands' Cast On What It's Like To Be In Australia's First Netflix Series

Filmed in and around Brisbane, the eight-part series is the first Netflix Australian original.

Given that Netflix is an absolute juggernaut of the entertainment world these days, it's a pretty monumental deal to be a part of the first Aussie series. We sat down with the cast members to ask them about what it felt like to be part of a history-making show like Tidelands.

"History-making is a really great way to put it," said Aaron Jakubenko, who plays Augie Mcteer in the show. "It really is, and it’s an honour to be a part of the start of that. It means there’s a lot to carry, as well, to go well so that Netflix really keeps that door open -- and I believe they will start telling more and more Australian stories. So, there’s that responsibility there that we all felt, but we tried not to focus on too much."

This dual sense of excitement and responsibility to have the show be a success resonated throughout the cast.

"It’s a lot of pressure, and it’s an honour, Marco and Elsa are honorary Australians so they’ve probably felt that pressure as well!" said Charlotte Best, who plays Cal Mcteer, or "Cyclone Cal", as she affectionately calls her character.

"We’re so proud and we just had the best team working on it, we were just so lucky to be working with the best and representing Australia and showing the world what we can do here," she continued. "You know, over 500 Australians were hired here to make it, also, so that’s incredible, and yeah… no pressure!! [laughs] I felt ZERO PRESSURE!"

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"Honourary Australian" Marco Pigossi, who plays Dylan and is from Brazil, said that the show also reflects what Australia is all about.

"There’s different cultures, everyone coming from different parts of the world and just living together in a very peaceful and beautiful way of accepting differences and it’s nice to put this into this Australian show," he said.

Elsa Pataky, who plays Adrielle in the show, said that having the support of Netflix made her feel confident, noting that "they really take care of their product".

"You feel really confident that they’re just going to do a great project, and to give opportunities to a lot of different countries, not just their own country. It’s such a good thing, I think they do an amazing job," she added.

Meanwhile, Madeleine Madden and Mattias Inwood -- who play Violca and Corey -- said that they'd only just realised how big a deal it was, after being focused on the work itself for so long.

"When you go on a job the work is the thing that is on your mind. You’re constantly reading the script, you get re-writes, you’re doing the work," Mattias explained. "The idea of it being a first Netflix show didn’t really come in until after we finished, and all this promo and stuff came in and you’re like ‘oh yeah, s**t, it actually is, [laughs] and it’s exciting, it’s massive."

"It’s weird, when you’re on set filming something, you just kind of feel like you’re in your little film set family bubble," Madeleine agreed. "You’re kind of like ‘nobody else knows about this except for us!’ so when it starts kind of blowing up and getting hyped, you’re like ‘oh my God’. We kind of feel the same excitement, I think, with the audience."

Tidelands debuts on Netflix today, December 14.

Feature image: Getty Images