Faith Ford Gives Us The Scoop On The Murphy Brown Revival

It's 2018, and there are two things that reign supreme: fake news and television revivals.

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone from New York, Faith Ford told us that as soon as Murphy Brown's creator and writer -- Diane English -- pitched the idea of a revival season to her, she was on board immediately.

"We just got an email out the blue, Joe [Regalbuto] and Grant [Shaud] and myself, from Diane... and she said, ‘would you guys be interested in being a part of a Murphy Brown revival if I were to write one, which I’m planning to do, and if you are, I’d like to know so I can incorporate you into the script’," she shared. "Immediately we all answered -- no matter what we were doing, Joe might’ve been on a golf course, I was in Louisiana mowing, and Grant was doing his thing in Philadelphia -- and all of us answered immediately saying ‘YES, we’re in!’ because it seemed like a timely thing to do."

With 10 years of memories to sift through, Faith said that looking back, Candice Bergen's sense of humour stuck out to her as a high point.

"Candice was amazing, she never took herself too seriously, she always loved to have fun, she always loved to have the joke be on her and it was always fun," she said, adding that the "wonderful group" made all the time on set special for the cast and crew alike.

"I was a baby! I was only 23, so I was just happy to be working with all these great actors-- almost everybody was from the theatre, except for me," she said. "We definitely approached every show like we were doing a play, and we loved to do it -- we loved to rehearse, we loved the stories, and it was just a wonderful group from the beginning."

Calling it "very nostalgic" to be back after a decade, Faith went on to say: "Candice and I were just both completely emotional, we were not expecting that at all".

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The show -- which has always prided itself on its groundbreaking stories and unapologetically feminist lead -- has once again caused quite a stir from the audience, which Faith attributes to being a sign of the times.

"Our country is divided, literally half and half, between conservative and liberal, and that’s evident when we handle political things," she said, noting that she sees her conservative followers on social media call the show "too political" from time to time.

Faith brushed these claims aside with a breezy: "Well, if they’re watching it, they’re watching it, whether they’re a democrat or a republican, we don’t care."

She continued:

"The whole point is to get a conversation going, and I think that’s what’s so great about Murphy Brown. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do make people think, and Diane likes to do that -- her whole entire family is republican except for her, and she’s used to that. It’s not like she’s sitting there going ‘I don’t like people who are republican’, that’s not what’s going on, it’s more like, it depends on who’s in the office."

Acknowledging that the revival has "stirred up a lot of... dust" in regards to its controversy, Faith said that it's not necessarily a bad thing "as long as you're not slandering people in the process".

"We’re not doing that," she explained. "If anything, we make fun and we encourage people to talk."

As for the people who don't like it -- and in particular, online trolls -- Faith said simply: "we don't care".

"For the most part I get very few [trolls]," she said, adding that she feels like "most people" don't say anything if they don't have anything nice to say.

When they do, though, Faith said she "just [figures] they must have been having a bad day".

"We’re not there to make people upset, we’re trying to find some comedy in a chaotic situation, which is what’s going on in government right now," she explained. "It’s not just the president, it’s just that our president has a tendency to… get into it a lot more. He engages moreso and he’s very boisterous with his opinion and that sort of makes him more of a character out there. He’s not the first president who’s done that in history and he probably won’t be the last, so, you know. That’s just his style, but we’re gonna try to find some comedy in the mix."

Murphy Brown airs at 8:30pm Mondays, only on 10 and WIN Networks.