I'm Ready To Cheat On 'Vanderpump Rules' With Lindsay Lohan

Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, but the girl knows how to get attention, and today, she's dropped the teaser trailer for Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which is set to premiere in January.

That's right, y'all. Lindsay Lohan is returning to the spotlight as the matriarch of MTV's newest reality show, and TBH, we can't wait.

Pitched as Lindsay's own version of Vanderpump Rules (which is back on today, BTW! We see you with that timing, LiLo!), the show features Hollywood's baddest bad gal taking on the Lisa Vanderpump role of her own show as she reigns supreme over a slew of very hot, very dramatic and likely very drunk staff members.

“I’ve gone through so much in my past,” LiLo says in the trailer, which also features her now-iconic Mykonos dance. “People have always given me trouble for going to clubs, so why don’t I just open my own? Boss bitch!”

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Welcoming us to Mykonos, Lindsay goes on to declare that in order to work for her, one has to be "the best of the best", but the press release promises that this new crop of soon-to-be-reality stars aren't just going to be really good at serving drinks. They'll be serving DRAMA, too.

"When the lines between romance, friendship, and work get blurred, the staff will quickly learn they’ll have to prove themselves to their toughest boss yet,” promises MTV.

All we can say is that we're 100% here for this, but if it wants to live up to Vanderpump Rules, it has some big shoes to fill.

Still, we're ready to be the Jax Taylor we want to see in the world and cheat on Vanderpump Rules with Lindsay's Beach Club as soon as it hits the air, because you can never have enough scandalous reality moments, right?

Feature image: Getty Images