Have Yourself A Very Bingey Holiday Season With 10 All Access

You may have heard the very exciting news that we're launching 10 All Access, our own video on-demand service.

That's right! We've launched a whole new platform, and we've got more than 7,000 commercial-free episodes for you to stream, including your fave 10 programs, old classics, and some brand spankin' new CBS All Access exclusives.

Here's the sitch:

It's $9.99 a month, with a month free for new subscribers.

It's available on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and online, via 10 All Access.

You'll be able to stream three screens simultaneously, which is great, because there's so much to stream you'll want to watch multiple shows AT ONCE!

We've pulled out just a few of our faves to give you a taste of what's to come, and for more info, head on over to the 10 All Access site now.

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Tell Me A Story, Strange Angel and One Dollar are our CBS All Access originals, and if you're looking for a new series to binge or just love a good mystery, these three will have you on the edge of your sofa, or like, lying in bed, but TENSELY!

Need more convincing? Tell Me A Story takes your favourite fairy tales, places them in modern-day NYC, and then makes them scary. Did we mention it's from Kevin Williamson, who wrote Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, as well as creating The Following and Dawson's Creek? Okay... so that last one isn't scary (unless your fear is over-articulate teenagers, I guess), but we thought it was worth mentioning, because hello? That's iconic.

Pictured (l-r): Danielle Campbell as Kayla; Sam Jaeger as Tim; Kim Cattrall as Colleen in Tell Me a Story

Strange Angel -- which, let's be honest, we're gonna be calling Strangel, because we're lazy AF Aussies -- stars Jack Reynor and Bella Heathcote, and takes us back to the '30s.

STRANGE ANGEL - Pictured (l-r): Bella Heathcote as Susan Parsons; Jack Reynor as Jack Parsons; Rupert Friend as Ernest Donovan.

Set in LA, we follow the life of Jack Parsons, who's brilliant, but also mysterious and a weird dude livin' a weird life, ya know? Think like: working in the rocketry industry by day, indulging in sex rituals twinged with the occult by night, kind of weird.

Strangel is brought to us by Mark Heyman -- the man behind intense flicks like Black Swan and The Wrestler. 

One Dollar, meanwhile, is all about murder, mayhem and money. It's set in post-recession small-town America, where the town is dying and so are the people.

Philip Ettinger as Garrett Drimmer; Maya Sayre as Heidi of ONE DOLLAR.

A single dollar bill connects all our main players to a multiple murder case, as each episode follows the point of view of the character in possession of the dollar.

The Aussie Stuff

The Bachelor / The Bachelorette / Bachelor in Paradise

Did you miss the episode where old mate Nick Cummins didn't pick anyone? Do you want to relive Sam and Snez' love story now that they're officially married? Are you looking to relive the love between Jarrod and his pot plant? We've got it all here for you, completely uninterrupted.


That's right, Neighbours. You know it, you love it, and now you can catch up on the entire 2018 season whenever you want. That's 254 episodes! 127 hours, but not the scary James Franco way!

Crime Shows


We've got the CSI: Miami. CSI: New York. CSI: Cyber AND, of course, the OG CSI. Deal with it!


We've got the original, as well as NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans. Along with CSI, that's LITERALLY SO MANY HOURS of crimes to watch!


Melrose Place

Winona Ryder made some POINTS in Reality Bites. Indulge the part of you that just wants to sink back into the '90s when everything was simple and all the drama going on in the world was contained to the small screen.


Feeling soapy? Let all five seasons of 90210 wash over you, and then head back in time, because we've also got the first season of the original series for you.



Same, TBH!


Be sad no more, Joey! We've got Cheers streaming now, which means you can go where everyone knows your name, any time you want.


Love Ted Danson on The Good Place? Step back in time to when he was the lovable grump, Dr John Becker.


Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

Has the Netflix version got you feeling nostalgic? We've got you covered!


The power of three will set us free!


Look, it doesn't take a psychic to predict how we'll be spending the holidays this year, or to realise that 10 All Access is just getting started. For more info and our full list of shows, click here.

Feature image: CBS / 10