Will The Real Sam Pang Please Show Up? Studio 10 Offer Open Invite

It's the media war we didn't know we needed, and today the hosts of Studio 10 have offered up an open invite for Sam Pang.

Following reports that the Have You Been Paying Attention panellist and Studio 10's own Sarah Harris had hit back, lashed out and gone to all-out war with each other, Pang responded to Harris' comments.

Speaking to, Harris had said "I speak on behalf of all of the hosts on Studio 10 when I say I think it’s quite flattering that HYBPA turns to us for so much material, we are happy to help out their little show, just because they rate less than 10 times what we do," she added jokingly.

Prior to Harris' comments, it was all on fellow HYBPA guest panellist Denise Scott to defend the morning show.

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On his NOVA 100 Breakfast Show with Chrissie Swan and Jonathan Brown, Pang again doubled down on his feelings about Studio 10 after said he had "failed to respond".

"Failed to respond? What would you want me to say?" Pang said on Thursday morning's show.

"I love watching Studio 10, I find it very, very enjoyable after a show... to put me to sleep," he said adding, "Is there any better way than just sitting on the couch and waking up three hours later? How good is that?"

When pushed to confirm if he would step up and take his rightful place on the Studio 10 panel, Pang said, "I won't say yes or no, I'll go one step better than that and give a quote from a man we've all come to know quite well over the last three years," Pang said referring to his co-host Jonathan Brown, "his famous quote: I wouldn't have thought so."

Meanwhile, Harris offered an open invitation to the HYBPA star, saying "You are more than welcome to come on our little morning show any time, they'll always be a spare seat for you... just don't leave it empty like Mark Latham did."

Studio 10 airs 8.30 weekday mornings on 10 and 10 play.
Have You Been Paying Attention airs Monday nights 9:30 on 10 and 10 play.

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