Netflix Launches Trailer For First Australian Original Series 'Tidelands'

The tide is about to turn..... get it? Tides.

After launching a teaser that gave us our first look at the upcoming series, Netflix has now released the first full trailer for their first original Australian series, Tidelands.

The series is set in the tiny fishing village of Orphelin Bay, 10 years after a young woman -- Cal McTeer (Charlotte Best) -- was sent to juvenile detention. Returning to her hometown for the first time in a decade, Cal is faced with new mysteries as she tries to settle back in the Bay.

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The biggest mystery surrounds the commune of ~ interesting ~ outcasts who live in a hidden part of the bay... and they call themselves... wait for it... the Tidelanders.

Get it? Like the title of the show!!!

It's a huge move for the streaming giant who -- since launching in Australia in 2015 -- had yet to invest in any local original content, despite working on several co-productions.

The supernatural drama revolves around the Tidelanders, who are like a mix of humans and sirens and are super similar to mermaids... and we're pretty sure they're going to cause a bit of sexy mystery and drama.

The series stars Charlotte Best, Elsa Pataky, Aaron Jakubenko and Peter O'Brien and all eight episodes will drop on Netflix December 14. Check out the trailer above.

Featured image: Netflix / Supplied.