Everyone Needs To Stop Sleeping On Schitt's Creek Already

If you haven't obsessively binged 'Schitt's Creek' multiple times, we've prepared some compelling arguments for you to jump on the Schitt's bandwagon right now!

The comedy series follows the Rose family -- who acquired their wealth through a successful video rental empire but are forced to move to a podunk small-town called Schitt's Creek after they lose the family fortune. 

The show came out in 2013 but has largely slipped under the radar in Australia -- which is good news because you have over 50 episodes to enjoy before season 5 comes out early next year.

Here a just a few reasons you should start planning your Schitt's Creek marathon.

So You Can Appreciate That The Levy Family Are The Acting Dynasty We Deserve

The series was co-created by Canadian comedy legend Eugene Levy, who you might remember as the dad in the American Pie teen flicks and as a regular in a number of Christopher Guest films. His son Dan pitched him the idea of a show about a wealthy family who loses all their money.

"And I had seen it played out on mainstream television and sitcoms, but I'd never really seen it explored through the lens of a certain style of realist comedy that my dad does so well," Dan Levy told NPR.

The father and son had never really collaborated before Schitt's Creek but obviously, have a natural on-screen rapport. And when was the last time you saw so many luscious leading brows in one show?

There's also a third Levy in the Schitt's cast -- Sarah Levy -- who plays local waitress Twyla Sands, not a member of the Rose family. She's the daughter of Eugene and sister of Dan and, again, look at those expressive eyebrows.

So You Can Marvel At Moira Rose's Exquisite Wig Collection AnD Wardrobe

You'll remember Catherine O'Hara from films like Home Alone, Beetlejuice and Best In Show, but her role as matriarch Moira Rose could be the best performance of her career, not least because she's wearing a different monochrome outfit AND wig in nearly every scene.

O'Hara said she took inspiration from Guinness heiress and Alexander McQueen muse -- Daphne Guinness -- which makes *a lot* of sense, tbh.

Because You Will Become, Like, Completely Obsessed With The Way Annie Murphy Says 'David'

It'll only take a few episodes before you start whining 'Daviiiiiiid' at almost everyone you know, even if they're not actually called David.

Think about saying, "You're like a big dirty raccoon, David!" next time someone steals your yoghurt.

Because Pansexual Representation! 

Without giving away any spoilers -- David identifies as pansexual and it's just, totally not a big deal. In fact, the show comes up with the perfect way to describe pansexuality using an analogy we can all relate to -- alcohol!

Plus, while some TV shows tend to paint small towns as hotbeds of homophobia -- Dan Levy explained that we'll never get an episode that explores that kind of storyline.

“I have no patience for homophobia,” he said at Vulture Festival.  “As a result, it’s been amazing to take that into the show. We show love and tolerance. If you put something like that out of the equation, you’re saying that doesn’t exist and shouldn’t exist.”

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Emily Hampshire's Perfect Deadpan Performance As Stevie Budd

Stevie serves as the ideal foil for the outrageously out-of-touch Roses -- giving us a Liz Lemon-worthy eye-roll or sarcastic comment at just the right moment.

Plus, her friendship with David will give you inspiration for some creative new ways to bid farewell to your friends and ~frenemies~.

And -- fun fact -- actress Emily Hampshire just got engaged to Teddy Geiger. Yay!

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Because You'll Feel Better About Your Lack Of Cooking Skills

Rich people generally just don't *need* to know how to cook -- so it's a rude shock when the Roses lose access to their personal chefs and realise they're poor and HUNGRY.

Not to be deterred by a complete lack of culinary skills, Moira plans a cooking session with David to make her mother's famous chicken enchiladas (that she might have not actually ever made before).

If only they knew how to fold in the cheese!

So, what are you waiting for? Seasons 1-4 of Schitt's Creek are streaming now on Netflix -- you've got time to binge it all before season 5 comes out early next year.

Warmest regards!

Main Image: CBC/Giphy.