Lisa Vanderpump Is Ditching The Housewives

"I'm done" may be the Housewives proverb as oft-quoted as "I'm not here to make friends" is on 'The Bachelor', but it seems this time, Lisa Vanderpump may be for real.

There have been rumours and whispers for weeks that the one-time queen bee of Beverly Hills was refusing to film with her castmates, and now, E! has reported that LVP is dunzo.

E!'s sources said:

"Lisa will appear in the majority of episodes this season. She has not been filming at every event, but fans can expect to see her throughout. The show will return to Bravo in early 2019.”


"Lisa has only filmed on a few occasions during the beginning of filming this season, and has been absent the remainder of the time. She has been refusing to film and... her interactions with the ladies have been solely negative. Lisa has still not returned to filming and as of now has no plan to. It’s too far gone, and Lisa agrees that she shouldn’t return at this point.”

Last month, fellow RHOBH-er Lisa Rinna dragged her castmate to hell for refusing to film with anyone for weeks.

LVP's been on the show since its 2010 premiere, and is also the matriarch of her own spin-off, Vanderpump Rules -- a FAR SUPERIOR SHOW that everyone should be watching (@ me about it!). Over the course of the series, we've watched her rise to popularity and her descent from the top, as preeeeetty much all of her friends have accused her of being a manipulative demon woman at one point or another.

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The news hasn't been confirmed just yet, though, as a source told People that she will "likely continue" to film through the next season.

Ever a fan of cryptic nonsense, LVP had this to say about the news breaking:


Needless to say, it's been a wild ride, and Beverly Hills won't be the same without her.

Here's a moodboard to commemorate this news:

Let's raise our glasses high, this one's for you tonight, LVP.

Feature image: Getty Images