The Bachelorette 2018: Ali And Taite Are "More In Love Than Ever"

After the last season of 'The Bachelor' left Australia reeling -- when Nick Cummins walked away from his top two single and ready to mingle -- fans of the show will be pleased to know that love isn't dead.

Speaking to Ali and Taite over the phone ahead of tonight's big finale, the couple assured 10 daily that they're both "stronger than ever" and "more in love than ever", and sounded giddy with excitement to be reunited after months of having to keep their relationship a secret.

That part, Taite said, "was hard".

"It was so hard, I was walking around at work and everyone could see that I was so happy -- " Taite paused while Ali laughed in the background, before adding, "so then I was trying not to be happy ‘coz I knew that if they thought I was happy they would’ve thought I’d won. I kind of convinced everyone that I was sad!"

For Ali, the hardest part was having to put her life "on hold" after making her final decision.

"I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do," she explained. "It just makes me so happy now that, I can shout it from the rooftops -- that he’s my one and only, and that I’m so in love."

After a season that showcased their very obvious physical connection, we asked whether they'd just been racking up their phone bills sexting constantly.

"No!" Ali screamed, laughing.

Although the distance was "very hard" for both of them, Ali said it's been somewhat of a blessing because "at the same time, you form a real friendship, a real connection, without the sex and without the lust and everything, which is really great for the start relationship, because that’s [often] what's mostly involved, so it was really kind of nice and we’ve been really open and emotional and we’ve communicated well."

Taite went on to say that through FaceTiming one another regularly, it "felt like Ali was there with [him]".

"I’ve never had to do a long distance relationship like that before, especially one that's so new," he shared. "That was the biggest challenge, but you know, even walking in and seeing Ali now, it’s like, she’s been with me the whole time."

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Despite the pair's undeniable chemistry, Ali said she was still "very conscious of taking things slowly and assessing things and analysing" their relationship as it progressed through the season.

"Once I met his family, that was a huge step forward and made things really real," she said. "And when he met mine, it was sort of like my tick of approval that I needed from my family, just because I had got it wrong in the past, and I sort of felt like I kind of needed that to be like ‘yep I’ve made the right decision’."

Taite was also wary about putting a label on his feelings, telling us that he was "in love but [he] was denying it" because he was scared.

After debating whether to "tell Ali what she wanted to hear" and drop the bomb about his concerns regarding Ali's desired timeline for her engagement, marriage and children, he said that in the end, he said that he "had to be truthful and potentially lose the girl" who he was in love with.

Noting that he felt "pressured -- not by Ali but just by the whole situation", Taite said that he wanted "a real relationship" and to not "get caught up in a fairytale".

"It was really hard. I remember walking down to Ali at the end and I was shaking because I thought I was gone, but at the same time I knew that I told her the truth and I think I wouldn’t have it any other way," he said.

"Neither would I," Ali responded. "It just made me trust in him more than ever, and especially in the future, to know that he’s always going to be honest with me if I like it or not and that’s a rare trait that you need in a long-lasting relationship."

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For now, the pair are taking things as they come, although Ali is still wanting to have children sooner rather than later.

"I think when it comes to kids, the timeline is … is there, because I’m 32, I have a biological clock," Ali explained. "I feel like I would be a good mother and I feel like I’m ready to be a good mother, but at the same time, I’m not ready to be a good mother without the right person at the right time. So that’s going to happen in the future, when we’re both ready. I mean Mum had me and my brother when she was 38, so I’m not stressed about it, I just really wanna find the right guy."

"Yeah, what she said," Taite added, as both of them laughed. "We’re just ready to start our lives together now. We haven’t really got a plan, but as long as we’re together we’ll be happy -- whether that’s in Adelaide or Melbourne or Sydney, or wherever -- we’re ready for it."

Looking to the next year, Ali said that they're both hoping "to inspire people to be active and healthy" and to be "real advocated in the health and fitness world".

But the main goal, for now, is just for them to be together.

"All we wanna be is just together because we’ve been separated for so long now," Taite said.

"We wanna explore each other, we want to be together, Christmas is so exciting because we get to be with each other and with each other’s families," Ali agreed.

And on the topic of "exploring each other", we... kind of had to ask whether Taite was really talking about his heart when the pair were snuggled out on the balcony, hands nowhere to be seen, and asked, "can you feel that?"

Both of them burst out laughing, as Ali screamed, "YES OH MY GOD, there was NOTHING GOING ON!"

"That was such a crafty edit!" Taite said. "I know, all my mates were like ‘dude, what were you doing?’"

"NOOOOoooo!!!" Ali wailed in the background, laughing.

Taite continued: "I was excited about Ali being there, but it wasn’t that type of excitement! I remember that Ali said to me that she wanted to hear reassurance from me, and I knew that I could tell her all the words that every other guy was saying, and I think they cut out the part where I was saying ‘I can say anything you wanna hear but you can feel the way my heart’s beating, I can’t fake that’."

"He’s a romantic!" Ali gushed.

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