The Bachelorette 2018: All The Moments That Made Us Scream

Will we ever get over Ivan trying to blend two whole avocadoes? No, but life goes on!

It's been quite a season, and as we wait to find out which of our bachelors has snatched up Ali's heart, we figured it was time to take a little walk down memory lane and relive some of the wildest moments of the season.

Cute pic of us walking down memory lane!!!

Nathan's bear

As this poor bear was dropped on the ground as Nathan introduced himself to Ali and asked where the drinks were at, we finally got to see ourselves represented onscreen.

Charlie vs Bill

Charlie and Bill fighting? Groundbreaking!

When Todd couldn't open a jar

Honestly, same. This is a big mood.

The apocalyptic battle

Ali may have thought this was too much, but we disagree!

Taite's hot best friend

#HotBestFriendForBachelor tbh.

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All of Jules' reactions

King of expressions!

This random skull

Us tomorrow night if Ali doesn't pick anyone.

When Taite's sister dragged us all to hell

Live laugh love!

When Bill was a blanket monster


Paddy saying FIT

Fit means hot! Not fat! It's a COMPLIMENT!!!!!

When Robert decided to self-sabotage

Weird flex but okay!

When Charlie fundamentally misunderstood the concept of the show

Again, weird flex but okay!

"I'm a painter but actually I wanna be in Step Up"


When Ali's expectations were a little different from those of the guys'

When no one could pronounce "apocalypse"

Every time Ivan performed a dance

Bye bye bye!

When they had a dancing group date the week after Ali eliminated Ivan

I've never seen anything so cruel on any other show, and I've seen every episode of Vanderpump Rules.

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When Bill forgot to mention that his entire family was out of town and that Ali would be meeting his ex, instead

Big mistake. Huge.

The two times when Taite was like "can you feel it?" and Ali's hands were NOWHERE TO BE SEEN.

Did you not gasp when Ali said "I can feel... your heart beating"?!

Bill's scene-stealing tongue

No comment!

Ivan and the avocado

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Feature image: Ten