The ALF Reboot Is Dead Because Literally No-One Was Interested

The ALF puppet is set to sit inside a dusty Hollywood prop cupboard for a few more years, because the rumoured reboot is officially dead.

The Alien Life Form (ALF) with a bad attitude and a penchant for eating cats just couldn't find relevancy in 2018, apparently.

While a slew of hit TV shows from the '80s and '90s have received the reboot treatment recently -- Roseanne, Full(er) House, Sabrina, Charmed-- the furry alien will not be back on our screens any time soon.

TV Line reported in August that Warners Bros. was in the process of developing a new series and was on the hunt for a head writer to sink their teeth into fresh new ALF storylines.

However, the same publication is now saying that "the proposed reboot is not moving forward at this time after failing to attract a suitor".

Same, tbh.

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So basically, Warner Bros. couldn't find a network that was willing to broadcast the new eps.

ALF originally aired on NBC between 1986 and 1990-- running for four seasons with 102 episodes in total.

Maybe the reboot will "find a suitor" eventually but -- for now -- you can still enjoy the sweet saxophone sounds from the original opening credits on YouTube.

Main Image: NBC/Giphy