The Bachelorette 2018: What The Hell Is Going On With Everyone's Lips?

We're down to just a few episodes, and the big question is... does everyone need a drink of water?

The amount of lip-lickery this season has been distracting, to the point where we have come up with three theories as to what's going on.

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Theory 1: A lip balm shortage

If you cast your minds back to Honey Badger's season of The Bachelor, there was a remarkable amount of applying lip balm before dates, making sure the bachelorettes were pash-ready at a moment's notice.

The Bachelor 2018: Cass and Blistex
Putting the bliss in Blistex. Image: Network 10.

But perhaps the bachelorettes did a dirty, raiding the house and pilfering all the pots and sticks of lip balm, leaving the boys with crusty, crusty lips. That could explain the constant moistening of the mouth with their own tongues.

Theory 2: Prosecco has no sulphites, the Bachelor mansion has no water

Yes, one of the season's most iconic moments saw Ali explaining to silent Daniel that Prosecco has no sulphites, did you know that? It's why she started drinking it.

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Our second theory is that perhaps the boys are kept literally thirsting for Ali's attention, maybe they aren't allowed to have drinks unless they're sharing them with Ali on some extended time. That would keep the boys keen for some alone time -- and some hydration -- leaving the other fellas fuming in jealousy as their lips dry up even further.

Theory 3: Bachelors? More like Bachelizards

Okay stick with us on this one, but what if some of the bachelors this season aren't bachelors at all but super-intelligent lizards trying to learn more about human dating rituals?

It would make sense for them to make their way onto a popular dating show to best study how we create bonds, how we find love and how we conduct during hyper competitive group dates.

Look, it's just a thought.

Check out all the best lip-smacking action in the video above.

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