Stephanie Beatriz Makes Directorial Debut With 'Brooklyn-Nine Nine'

Stephanie Beatriz has stepped behind the camera for the first time on 'Brooklyn-Nine Nine' and is directing a new episode for the show's next season.

Beatriz -- who plays Rosa Diaz on the NBC cop comedy -- announced the exciting news on Instagram.

"I am truly honoured that I got to direct an episode of #brooklyn99 this week, written by the hilarious & smart & kind & wonderful Lang Fisher @loulielang," said Beatriz.

Fisher has previously written for shows including The Mindy Project, 30 Rock, and The Onion News Network. 

"This episode is something we are both super excited for you to see (as per our expressions in the pic ?)".

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Beatriz added that directing was "truly the scariest and most rewarding thing I have ever taken on, and I'm so utterly grateful that @nbc & our creator Dan Goor trusted me with this incredible opportunity".

Beatriz then gave a shout out to the Nine-Nine production team and crew.

"You all are truly moving mountains...going into battle each day. I am honoured to have witnessed your passion, drive and heart."


The sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will air on NBC in the US next January.

Main Image: Getty Images