The Cast Of 'How To Stay Married' Dish On Working With Peter Helliar

Ahead of the show's launch tonight, Scott Tweedie gave us a behind the scenes glimpse at 'How To Stay Married' and what it's REALLY like working with Peter Helliar.

The series stars Pete as Greg Butler, alongside FOUR-TIME Gold Logie winner Lisa McCune as Em Butler. The pair has been married for 14 years, have two daughters and are just looking for that... spark.

Things get a bit complicated when Em decides that she wants to re-enter the workforce just as Greg loses his job.

The series is a funny take on all things family, work, marriage and parenting created and written by Peter Helliar.

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"I get asked which bits are true and which bits aren't and sometimes I let them know... and sometimes I don't," Peter told Tweedie adding, "Sometimes I keep my dirty secrets to myself."

"I think your wife's going to go into hiding when this goes to air," Lisa chimed in as Pete admitted, "[she] hasn't read the scripts... yet".

We also got a bit of an inside look into what it's like to work with Pete, with his on-screen brother played by Phil Lloyd calling him "a nightmare".

Lisa also admitted that it was challenging before Pete climbed out of the bushes to casually interrupt.

Obviously they were just kidding around, it looks like the behind the scenes were full of just as much fun as the show itself.

Check out the hilarious interview in the video above.

How To Stay Married Airs Thursdays, 9pm on Network 10.