Studio 10 Turns 5! We Take A Look At 10 Iconic Moments

Don't forget to tune in this morning for a very special guest!

Can you believe it's been five years since Studio 10 hit our screens?

Ahead of this morning's bday celebrations live from network 10 HQ, we're taking a stroll down memory lane to reminisce on all the best knee-slapping moments from our fave morning talk show.

Happy birthday, Studio 10!

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Kerri-Anne Kennerly Returns To 10

Kerri-Anne Kennerley Joins Studio 10

Entering the Channel 10 studios like only the real Queen of daytime television could, KAK rocked up to Studio 10 in style, complete with a Rolls Royce, red carpet, and plenty of adoring fans.

Let's Do The Time Warp

We love when the crew goes all out for their Halloween costumes, but this year's Rocky Horror Picture show performance absolutely takes the cake!

Sarah Harris Announces Her Pregnancy

Sneaky Sarah! In what was news to everyone, Sarah Harris revealed that she was expecting her second bub during the show, saying, "I'm sick of holding my stomach in. I'm having a baby", adding, "I've been pretty queasy and pretty tired. You pop so much quicker on the second one. I had a guest host say to me, 'Are you pregnant or have you let yourself go?'"

Farewell Jess!

Studio 10 Audience Messages To Jess

Studio 10's audience members paid tribute to Jessica Rowe during her final day on Studio 10. Too cute!

Celebrating 40 Years Of Grease

Studio 10 Does 'Grease'!

The hosts dolled up and strutted their stuff at Luna Park to celebrate 40 years of 'Grease', and we daresay it was better than the original, but we could be biased...

Spicing Up The Studio

Studio 10 Spice Girls Make Their Debut

The real Spice Girls may not be taking their reunion to Australia, but who needs them when we've got these guys??

New Look, Who Dis?

Studio 10 Introduces New Makeover

After 27 years (!!) Network 10, along with Studio 10, had a major overhaul! We reckon the new digs look so fresh and so clean, clean ♫

Worst Parenting Fails

Studio 10 Hosts Share Their Parenting Fails

Sarah kicked off with a hilarious story about her son locking himself in a confessional booth, and soon enough, viewers were sharing their own hilarious parenting fail stories.

Worst First Dates

Studio 10 Shares Their Horrible First Date Stories

Denise shared a story about a terrible first date when she was 16, in which her date vomited in her mouth -- though she admits she pashed him anyway! Also, Joe dropped a woman on her head during a date. Awkward! They were no match for Ang's disaster dating story though, revealing a past suitor would be on A Current Affair after he was accused of stalking!

Throwback To The Noughties

Studio 10 Share Memories From The Year 2000

The noughties were a very interesting time for everyone involved. Lucky for us, the Studio 10 crew shared snaps of themselves from the year 2000, including Joe rocking a peroxide streak, and a 19-year-old Mandy Moore Sarah Harris!

Studio 10 airs 8.30 weekday mornings on 10 and 10 play.