The Bachelorette 2018: Charlie Thinks Ali Went About It The Wrong Way

It was one of the most intense goodbyes of the season, and following his abrupt exit Charlie talked about what went down.

In a truly wild turn of events -- in an episode where Bill's odd decision to introduce Ali to an ex should have been wild enough -- Charlie made the decision to forego introducing Ali to his family.

"It didn't feel right," he told Ali during the ep adding, "Tonight's not going to happen."

"There's a good chance I could get hurt, there are three other guys that you're seeing and having connections with... I can't get this wrong Ali," he said asking her for exclusivity before he could move forward and introduce her to his family.

Following that he demanded Ali "go away and think about it," which led to an explosive confrontation at the cocktail party where ultimately Ali asked Charlie to leave before the rose ceremony.

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The Bachelorette 2018: Charlie Thinks Ali Went About It The Wrong Way
The moment Ali decided it was all over. Image: Network 10.

Speaking to 10 daily on the phone following his departure, Charlie said he wasn't expecting to be approached before the rose ceremony like that.

"Me and Ali had some moments before, some heavy conversations, but she would always go away and think about them," he said.

"It was the first time we couldn't see eye-to-eye and she really couldn't understand where I was coming from."

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Though having watched the show back it wasn't necessarily the first time. Several episodes ago Charlie told Ali he didn't think she was going about the process the right way telling her she was spreading herself too thin.

During our chat, he reiterated the same thoughts.

"I had a conversation with her where I said... there's a couple of weeks left and you've dated all these guys, you've kissed them all, you've given them a rose and you don't really have a top two," Charlie said.

"This is a girl that’s got it wrong twice before, she can’t do that again but for me she was going about it the wrong way. That worried me."

"If it was me, I'd have that in my head. She didn't understand that either."

According to Charlie, he didn't feel like he was ready to take the plunge with Ali in the same way some of the other bachelors were.

"I just wasn't where I needed to be to stand there at the end and honestly tell her that I loved her," he said.

Feeling like he was taking a major risk by going through the process -- where Ali can't confirm her feelings for him throughout -- Charlie said his guard went up the further the competition went on, especially after forming close bonds with some of the other guys.

"Through the whole process us blokes spent a lot of time with each other off-camera, we hear everyone's stories, their journeys," he said, "then you get to the final four and everyone sort of shut off."

"You could see she had very strong connections with all four guys, in the real world if the person you were dating was dating three other guys... you'd probably never see them again. But this is the process and you do it," he said adding, "It just wasn't for me."

Still, he said he had made some friends for life -- describing the bonds he formed with Paddy and Taite as "like if you went to war, you're always mates with the guys you were fighting with".

Although there was one bachelor in the house that seemed to get under his skin time and time again: Bill.

"We had a bit of a beef at the start but [the producers] loved it, so we just ran with it," Charlie admitted. "If you don't end up with the girl, you gotta get as much airtime as possible," he said laughing.

It hasn't all been laughs though, with the 31-year-old saying watching the show hasn't been the easiest.

"They've shown 10 percent of my personality, as quite an intense person -- which I am -- I'm very outspoken, honest and I say things how they are, but that's all you saw of me," Charlie told us. "I wish you saw the other 90 percent of me."

Part of the sides to Charlie we didn't get to see, he also said that despite being one of the bachelors who undeniably got the most time with Ali during the show, a bulk of it wasn't seen.

"We had some really nice moments that unfortunately didn't make air which I would have loved people to see, a different side of me," he said.

Still, he admitted the process had been an overwhelmingly positive one, having all the skeletons in his closet and the most intense parts of his personality broadcast to the country.

"I've come out and it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders," he said. "You can move forward... like you've almost got a fresh start."

While he's not ruling out giving reality TV another shot in the future, Charlie admitted he isn't ready to go onto another love-based series... just yet.

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