The Bachelorette 2018: Daniel Reveals What He Wanted To Tell Ali

In the last moments with Ali, Daniel attempted to tell 'The Bachelorette' something important but before he got the chance he was interrupted.

Speaking on the phone to 10 daily following his elimination, Daniel finally got his chance to explain what was on the tip of his tongue.

"I just wanted to have a chat with her and let her know I was ready to take the last plunge, not knowing how far I would fall," Daniel told 10 daily.

"I was going to put myself out there, I can be quite guarded and she picked up on that," he said, "It was my final and last chance to let her know where I stood and how I felt."

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It was an interesting position to take when we as viewers barely even saw Daniel speak on the show until a week ago.

"Yeah... I haven't had too much attention which has probably been a good thing as I've gone back into life as normal," Daniel said adding, "It's been great!"

When asked if he felt like he and Ali created a connection off-camera Daniel admitted, "That's exactly how I made it as far as I did".

"Obviously there was a connection there and week after week, we built on that, I wouldn't have been around for so long if there was nothing there," he said. "It's unfortunate you didn't really get to see that connection."

Even still, out of the final five, Daniel was the only bachelor to never have a single date with Ali, just a date extension last week.

Prior to that, it was as if he was silent -- or a ghost.

"I've been getting messages like, 'Do you ever talk?' and actually I do talk, I talk quite a lot, but you're just not seeing it," Daniel assured us.

Describing himself as normally quiet, around the right group of people the 30-year-old said he can get pretty loud.

"That's definitely what they saw of me off camera mostly," he said.

The ex-Navy vet said he was drawn to applying for the show because he was keen on getting to know Ali, and realised the pair had a lot in common.

"I'm definitely ready to enjoy and share my life with someone special that I can obviously say I love you to... I wasn't thinking I'd even make it onto the show, so that was a surprise," he said.

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While he may have been one of the quieter boys in the house, Daniel still spoke incredibly highly of his time in the house, raving about the other bachelors, saying he felt like they all got along "too well", and despite the ongoing Charlie versus Bill saga, it was easy for them all to get along.

As much as he enjoyed the experience in the house, Daniel said the only way he would return to a similar show would be "if I was The Bachelor," he said.

"I can't see myself doing [Bachelor inParadise," he admitted, "definitely Bachelor, 100 percent".

"I do find [The Bachelor] to be more... classy compared to other shows, definitely above Paradise so, I'd keep that class, yeah."

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