Tim Robards Talks Neighbours, Psychics And Pashing Other Women

Tim Robards was our very first Bachelor, but now he's been back on Aussie screens in a very different light.

We caught up with Tim to chat about his debut on Neighbours, his character Pierce Greyson, who has been described as a cross between Christian Grey, Robert Redford and Harvey Specter from Suits.

The jump to acting was one Tim had been thinking about for a while, telling 10 daily it all started when he was Keanu Reeves' stunt and body double during the filming of The Matrix 2 and 3.

"Being on set and seeing how that worked I was like, man this is so cool," Tim told 10 daily, "but I was at Uni and nine years later I became a chiropractor."

"You kind of have that thought like, that's the hat I wear now, but after ten years of being a chiropractor I was like, I enjoy this but it's not the only thing I'm capable of," Tim said. "I wanted to give [acting] a crack, and finally there came a point where I made it my top priority."

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He also got a bit of a push from a ~mystical~ help. His wife Anna recommended he see a psychic, "I was looking for some clarity, a little message or something," Tim explained.

Apparently, the psychic told him his path would be acting, and that was all Tim needed to hear.

"Not that I necessarily believed what he said but I was like, right, if he says it's going to happen I'm going to make it happen."

After going to lessons and paying for one-on-one classes, Tim booked his first audition with Neighbours and nabbed the part of Pierce.

Neighbours is obviously not the first time Tim's been on Aussie screens, but the move into acting came with a few challenges, having to learn lines -- and learn them perfectly -- and overcoming nerves to name just a few.

Reflecting on some of his other TV appearances, Tim felt like Neighbours was considerably more difficult than the likes of The Bachelor and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! 

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"Bachelor was just totally new to me, but you could still be yourself," he said, "I'm A Celeb was just... boring as bats**t and you were starved out of your brain so that was hard in a different way."

With Neighbours, the pressure of having to get his lines exactly right played on his mind, trying to not screw a scene up and hold up the cast and crew.

"You've got like a crew of 20 people, and ten extras all choreographed, you get halfway through your scene and if you mess up a line it's all on you," Tim said.

That wasn't the only difficulty, having just returned from his wedding in Italy to his Bachelor beau Anna Heinrich, Tim had to get back into the habit of on-screen pashes.

"I got the role right before I went away for my wedding and I knew there'd be another romance, so it was weird getting married, coming back and having another girlfriend on the side," Tim laughed.

"But from the moment they call 'action' you're Pierce Greyson the character, as soon as they go 'cut' you're back to Tim," he said, "Just out of respect for everyone, your co-stars and partner, that's just how it works. You gotta switch it on when you need to."

"Anna's very supportive, she's like, 'I support it, but I don't want to watch it.'"

Since shooting for several weeks, Tim told us he was more than open to the idea of heading back to Ramsay Street to shoot more Neighbours in the future.

"I feel like towards the eighth week I was only just starting to warm up, I'd love to explore that character more and bring out more of what's actually on the surface," he said.

Hopefully, we get to see more of Tim and Pierce in the near future!

Neighbours airs 6.30 Weeknights on 10 Peach And WIN Network.