The Real Story Behind The Crap Aussie Accents On 'The Good Place'

'The Good Place’ creator Michael Schur has admitted he has no idea what Australians really sound like -- and that the infamously bad accents in season three of the TV show were not intentional.

In a new interview with E! Online, Schur seemed quite surprised that the questionable accents caused such a strong reaction in Australia.

"Who were the ones that were cited?" he asked. "I mean, Ted [Danson]'s was bad kind of on purpose, that was the joke.

"Janet even called it out, even though he was really proud of himself," Schur said of Danson's truly awful impression of an Aussie librarian.

Arguably, the accent Australian viewers had the most trouble listening to was that of character Simone Garnett -- who is played by British actress Kirby Howell-Baptiste.

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Schur explained that Howell-Baptiste -- who also appears on Killing Eve-- was simply "the best actor for the job".

"My ear, and anyone's ear who lives in the States, for how good or bad an Australian accent is, is always going to be functioning at maybe 10 per cent of what a native's would be," he said.

Schur said that -- where possible -- he tried to cast Australians in smaller roles on the show.

"And the art department did a really good job of building things that looked like Australia," he said.

"Then we just loaded the show with dumb Australia jokes. Just super, lazy, dumb Australia jokes," he said.

The writer said his favourite sight gags were the Crocodile Dundee-themed street signs that read 'Thatsnota Street' and 'Thisisa Street' in one of the Sydney eps.

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Schur also said that he did consider filming the episodes set in Australia on location.

"...But when we really sat back and looked at the season it didn't make a ton of sense because Sydney's climate and environment is very similar to Los Angeles, and we decided there were better ways to spend our money," he said.

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