'The Simple Life' Is Turning 15 This Year And That's Hot

Can you believe it's been 15 years since Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie graced our screens on what was one the most iconic reality series of the 2000s?

I'm not going to lie -- in 2004 I was obsessed with Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and The Simple Life. 

Like, I literally hand stitched photos of the controversial pair on my pencil cases and decorated my high school English workbook with one of the billion photoshoots they did at the height of the show's popularity.

ICYM this golden nugget of television history, the show starred perennial party girls of the era, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The girls would move in with a wholesome farm fam for a few weeks and help out local establishments to experience what it was like to actually have to work for a living. So basically it was that whole 'fish out of water' schtick that was popular in the early 2000s.

Now, I look back on that and cringe because honestly, who chooses to idolise two rich girls who had never worked a day in their lives and whose biggest claim to fame was having famous 'rents??

Me, guys. That was me.

Embarrassing childhood obsessions aside, the show did give us a bunch of iconic quotes and scenes that are still pretty hilarious today (and also some that didn't age as well).

So join us as we take a stroll down memory lane in our Juicy Couture tracksuit and Von Dutch trucker hats as we look at 15 of the most iconic moments of our fave trashy TV show of yesteryear.

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1. When Paris Ate Sh*t Trying To Mop With A Segway

Look, you've gotta give the girl props for getting creative when it comes to finding the quickest possible way to get housework done, but it was pretty hilarious to see Paris land flat on her backside trying to avoid doing chores.

2. When Paris Cooked Bacon With An Iron

Whether she's a secret culinary genius or just CBF to use actual kitchen appliances we may never know, but we guess that's one way to do it?

3. When They Threw Shade At Kim Kardashian

Image: Tumblr

While Paris and Kimmy seem to be on good terms these days, it's pretty wild to look back on this scene knowing just how famous all the Kardashians went on to be.

4. When Kim Actually Appeared On The Show

Before she became the reality star/perfume and makeup mogul/app creator etc., Kim Kardashian made a few scattered appearances on The Simple Life -- as Paris' wardrobe organiser.

5. When They Milked Cows In Von Dutch Caps

Image: Tumblr

Honestly, that was pretty iconic. What even happened to Von Dutch?? Like, it was huge for a hot second in the early noughties but then just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth.

6. When Paris Didn't Know What Walmart Was

Who could forget when Paris uttered the now-infamous phrase, "What's Wal-mart? Do they sell, like, wall stuff?" TBH, I feel like she was definitely hamming it up for the cameras, because as Aussies even we know what Walmart is. Nevertheless, it because an iconic moment so I guess Paris is the real winner here?

7. When Paris Gave Us This Sage Advice

Image: Tumblr

I mean, whenever I tried this as a kid my parents just shook their head in disappointment and made me do it again, but each to their own I guess.

8. When Paris Blessed Us With Her Meteorological Skills

Among her expert observations were, "It's hot," and "You guys should move to LA, it's like, better weather," but let's be real -- we probably wouldn't have done much better if we were suddenly made to explain the latest forecast (besides 10's Tim Bailey, duh).

9. When They Were All Of Us Applying A Crappy Fake Tan

Image: Tumblr

I'd love to say that I only came out looking like a pig in mud after fake tanning when I started using it at 15, but TBH I looked exactly like this trying to use a tanning machine by myself like three weeks ago.

10. When They Changed The Sign At Sonic Burger

Image: Tumblr

Honestly, where are you going to find a better deal on anal salty weiner burgers??

11. When They Revealed Their Life Knowledge Came From Teen Movies

Image: Pinterest

Thank God Paris and Nicole had seen 40 Days And 40 Nights starring Josh Hartnett, or they would never have been able to wash their designer duds and pink velour trackies on their own.

12.  When They Revolutionised Luxury Air Travel

Image: Pinterest

Airline food isn't the best, and nothing sucks more than when your in-flight entertainment doesn't work, so I don't know, Nicole and Paris could be on to something here?

13. The 'Sanasa Sanasa' Song

To this day we've absolutely no idea what 'sanasa' means, but it still gets stuck in my head on the reg. All we know is they sang it everywhere, usually out of the blue and loudly. Also, it seemed to annoy one lady on a bus they were on so much that she complained to the bus driver. Fair call.

14. When They Legit Read My Thoughts

Life is hard tbh.

15. When They #Blessed Us With Iconic 2000s Fashion

Mini skirts, trucker hats, and slogan tees -- ahh the memories! What a terrible /amazing time in fashion history.

Image: Getty