Star Of 'The Bodyguard' Got Kicked Out Of Netflix Over A Water Bottle

He may be the star of one of the year's most hyped shows, but that didn't help when he was a little thirsty.

Appearing on KTLA 5 News, Richard Madden revealed how a bottle of water got him kicked out of a building while visiting Netflix -- the streaming service that just bought the global rights to his new show The Bodyguard.

Madden, who you may also know as Robb Stark from Game of Thrones, was visiting the streaming platform after they released The Bodyguard when he spotted a bottle of water.

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The Scottish actor said he grabbed a bottle of "Netflix branded water" but was asked to put it back as it was "for employees only".

"I walked in and I was told I was in the wrong building. They told me I had to go around the corner," Madden told the KTLA panel. He continued:

"There was fridge of Netflix branded water, and I said, 'Cool, I'll just grab a bottle of water' --  which I was told, 'No you're not allowed to, it's for Netflix-employees only'."

"I told them I am a Netflix employee, I am on a show," Madden said, "but they were like, 'Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave... Sir, you have to put that water back now, you have to leave now sir.'"

The series was picked up globally following its major success on the BBC in the UK. It stars Madden as the titular bodyguard who is assigned to protect the home secretary, a woman whose politics clash with his own beliefs. Ultimately he is torn between his own beliefs and his sworn duty to protect above all else.

According to the actor, Netflix security held a door open and practically escorted him out of the building following his bottle mishap.

This all comes just days after Madden's series was launched on the platform after breaking records for the BBC, making it one of the biggest dramas in the UK in the last decade.

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Madden's success from the hugely popular series has also seen his name thrown into the ring to play the world's most famous spy, 007. Responding to the rumours that he could step into James Bond's shoes after Daniel Craig wraps up the role, Madden said he was "flattered to be involved in the conversation".

"You know, people just kind of make up lots of things but it's lovely to be involved in that conversation, very flattering," the actor said.

Here's hoping that if he does get the role of Bond, they have enough branded water on-set that he doesn't run into any more troubles.

Watch the full interview here.

The Bodyguard is now streaming on Netflix. Check it out, just BYO water bottle.

Featured image: BBC.