FX Passed On 'Broad City' Because It Was "Too Girly"

What do you think of when you hear the word "girly" in relation to television?

Do you think of Gilmore Girls? Hart of Dixie? Pretty Little Liars, maybe?

For the executives at American television network FX -- best known for shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The League, Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story -- Broad City is what they deemed as "too girly" for their audience.

Let's all just take five-to-seven seconds to mentally whiz through our top five Broad City gross out moments, considering it's a series that has farting competitions, as well as plenty of jokes about periods and anal sex.

Still, in Abbi's Jacobson's new memoir I Might Regret This, she revealed that after spending a year developing their then-web series into a sitcom, with Amy Poehler signing on to executive produce, the script was bought and a pilot ordered by FX before it ended up on Comedy Central.

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“After we got to a place we all felt good, it was handed up to the man in charge, the man we never met, the man at the top. He’d probably never heard of us, the show, or the year we’d been in development, and he wasn’t into it,” Jacobson wrote. “It was, as we were told, ‘too girly.’ So, they passed. We were devastated. This thing that was once so far-fetched has actually started to come to fruition, and then was abruptly taken away.”

Abbi went on to write that it was a frustrating endeavour, to be writing a series that would eventually need to please just "one person", describing it as "hard work kept at a certain level, aimed and focused in the direction of what the big boss’s reaction might be."

Although stung by FX' reaction, Abbi said that Amy told them to stay positive, and "reminded [them] that [they] didn’t want to make the show at a place that treated [them] like a bad boyfriend."

“She said we’d find a home for it, somewhere that really wanted it, and she was right,” Abbi wrote. “I am so thankful FX passed, because we then took our misunderstood, ‘girly’ script over to Comedy Central and they got us completely.”

Basically? FX' loss is all of our gain.

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