Naomi Watts To Star In 'Game Of Thrones' Prequel

Will she make it through the whole episode? Only time will tell...

But it's true, Naomi Watts has reportedly signed on to lead the ensemble cast of a prequel pilot to HBO's Game of Thrones.

The prequel was just one of the many, many, many projects George R. R. Martin has been working on instead of finishing his highly anticipated sixth novel The Winds of Winter.

Martin worked on the prequel with Jane Goldman, which is set 1,000 years before the events of GoT. It plans to chronicle the fall from the Age of Heroes, the true origins of those creepy-ass white walkers and all the mysteries we've yet to uncover in Westeros.

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While not much is known about both the series and also who Watts will play, we do know that she will be playing a "charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret".

This pilot is one of FIVE Game of Thrones projects HBO has been working on, with a bunch of prequels and desperate attempts at keeping the franchise going as the original series moves toward its end. Martin has tried to keep the details of each project totally secret but was very clear that none of them would feature any current characters from the main cast.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is rapidly approaching, and although it will only be six episodes long, they have teased that some will be feature-length.

While there's still no official launch date for the season, we're expecting it to drop in the first part of 2019.

Featured image: HBO / Getty Images.