Netflix's New Documentary Series About Dogs Is Gonna Make You Cry

You'll be hitting the paws button when Netflix's new docu-series hits the streaming service next month.

Appropriately titled Dogs, the streaming service's new six-part series follows six stories of humans and their four-legged best friends from across the globe.

Each ep was directed by some pretty well-decorated folks, including Academy Award-nominated Amy Berg, Academy Award-winner Roger Ross Williams, Academy Award-nominated Heidi Ewing, Emmy Award-winner Richard Hankin and Academy Award-winners TJ Martin and Daniel Lindsay.

The episodes feature stories ranging from a young girl and her therapy dog trained to detect her oncoming seizures, a Syrian refugee separated from his Siberian Husky by war, Japan's world of dog grooming and a Costa Rican refuge that houses THOUSANDS of dogs.

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Each ep centres on different stories of pups and the people in their life, but all are connected by the thread of our deep connections and bonds with dogs.

Also, it legit looks like we'll be crying in basically every episode.

Glen Zipper, the series' executive producer, told the story about how a chance encounter with a puppy named Anthony changed his life, leading him to become the film producer he is now after a short stint working as an adoption outreach volunteer.

"It was hard, emotionally taxing work," Zipper said, "but the happiness and fulfilment it brought me led me to another realisation -- it was time for me to head out to that place a million miles away."

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"It was my time at the shelter and truly touching happiness for the first time that finally helped me realise that happiness is always worth the risk," he said. "So I adopted Anthony, loaded him and everything I owned in my truck and drove out to Los Angeles."

"For the last 14 years -- through successes and many more frequent failures -- Anthony has always been there for me... Our series DOGS was created in this spirit -- to honour our dogs and to help us recognise that a love for dogs is something we all have in common."

"Understanding this," Zipper said, "it is also our hope that sharing these stories might help us find more ways to love each other."

The series is set to launch globally on November 16.

Featured image: Netflix.