The Real Story Of How 'That '70s Show' Got Its Name

One of the cast members of the retro sit-com has cleared up the mystery of where the show's title came from.

Pop culture Instagram page Velvet Coke posted a photo of the That '70s Show cast yesterday, explaining some of the teething problems the program experienced in choosing a name.

"The show was initially titled 'Teenage Wasteland' and later 'The Kids Are Alright'", the page wrote.

"However, because both names were references to songs by The Who, legal issues prevented their use."

Wilmer Valderrama -- who played the character Fez on the iconic TV show -- saw the post and decided to clarify how the producers ended up landing on such a vague title.

"The truth is they kept testing the pilot with audiences, and no one could remember the name of the show," wrote Valderrama.

"They'd say...of all the shows we watched, we liked that one show...with the kids?... You know that '70s Show," he continued.

"And that is how the name was born."

The show was also temporarily called Feelin' Alright-- so be thankful for that group of forgetful teens who were roped into watching the pilot.

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Valderrama's castmate Topher Grace -- who played Eric Forman-- has also weighed into the debate on Instagram.

"I thought it was because we're only doing a reunion once we're in our 70s," he joked.

"F*** can't keep a secret!?" replied Valderrama.

We're now going to wait patiently for Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Laura Prepon and Danny Masteron to confirm this geriatric reboot of That '70s Show. 

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