The Bachelorette 2018: Danny Explains That Fumbled Kiss, "I Wasn't In The Right Headspace"

Speaking to ten daily on the phone, one of Ali's quietest bachelors told us what life was like behind the curtain.

In his short screen time, we learned very little about Danny. The soft-spoken former cop was quiet in every sense, with some of the bigger characters taking up more space on the series.

But speaking to Danny, it's clear he knew what he was getting himself into, saying he was disappointed things didn't work out with him and Ali, but he saw the bright side.

"I've made some amazing friendships," Danny told us.

"I'm a student and have been for the last couple of years, before that I worked six months away, six months at home and then I had my head down in the books ... I didn't have much of a social life."

Seeing The Bachelorette as a chance to push himself out of his comfort zone, Danny made the leap.

"I went in for love," he told us, "I'm not trying to be famous or an Instagram influencer ...  that bit makes me cringe a little," he laughed.

Saying the Bachelorette journey would be a "cool story to tell our kids," Danny also confessed a big part of the reason he applied to be on the show because he was curious as to how it all gets put together.

"What surprised me were the comments that things are staged, nothing's staged or scripted! Obviously, they can't show everything that happens, which is a shame, there's a lot that goes on," he said.

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But watching it back has been a bit of a surprise, seeing a fuller picture of some of the connections Ali made along the way.

"I didn't know Ali had made such a quick connection with Rob, that was a surprise for me," he said. "We knew Bill was definitely a front-runner from the first night, but Rob was a surprise to me. It wasn't until last night's episode that I really realised."

When it comes to intentions, Danny said he believed every guy was there for the right reasons. "No one I thought was looking for fame," he said but explained some of the younger guys in the house probably didn't realise how serious Ali was about settling down.

Speaking to Danny it's clear he's is aware of two things: he wasn't a big character in the series, and his awkward pash with Ali was really very awkward.

"It was becoming clear that Ali's emotional ship was setting sail with a few of the other lads, so for me, I was damned if I do, damned if I don't," Danny said.

At that point, the conversation shifted slightly as he quietly added, "I had buried my mum six days before I had met Ali on the red carpet. So it was hard for me to open up."

After battling cancer for months, Danny's mum passed away before his time on The Bachelorette. "She was really excited to see me going on the show," he said, "I knew it would be very tough for me to come out of my shell."

The Bachelorette 2018: Danny dishes on his awkward kiss
The moment Ali pulled Danny out of the rose ceremony. Image: Network Ten.

He described himself as always being "quite a shy guy," but the emotional toll of losing his mum, and the hectic fast-paced environment of the mansion -- full of testosterone and men vying for the spotlight -- Danny found it easier to sit back and go with the flow.

"I didn't want to be a sob story," he said.

While it was the first time we really saw Danny and Ali together, he told us the pair had several chats during his stay in the mansion. But his awkward kiss saw him receive a bit of backlash.

"I didn't read the situation right," he admitted, "I wasn't in a good headspace. With the wrong person, it's always going to be awkward. Ali and I, we had a really good friendship ... we had an amazing chat, but I definitely think I wasn't in the right headspace. I suppose ... I want people to know it was hard."

Danny's exit was a shock, with Ali pausing the rose ceremony to pull him outside. You could tell the pair had formed a close friendship as she told him she didn't want him "waiting for a rose".

The inevitable question of "would you put yourself through this all again?" comes up and Danny's answer is a journey. Initially, he laughs off the idea that the producers would ask him back, then explains to go through the process you need "pretty thick skin".

"Us boys do read the comments, and they can be very hurtful," Danny admitted adding, "That's just the nature of the beast."

Without ruling it out, Danny is still on the search for that special someone... just, quietly.

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