The Bachelorette 2018: Ivan Talks Step Up, Avocados And Ali

Speaking to ten daily over the phone, we got right down to business, asking the aspiring 'Step Up' star whether he’d ever seen an avocado before.

Ivan cackled.

“Yeah, on top of my toast at a restaurant!” He exclaimed, adding: “I guess I would’ve seen it maybe if like, I was somewhere, but avocado isn’t something that’s in the household!”

He laughed again. “It’s a tough economy these days!”

Asked whether he had any sense that his avocado endeavour wasn’t quite going to plan, Ivan said no.

“I thought it was the blender messing up!” He said. “I was unplugging the cord, switching it on and off, I opened the lid up and looked, like ‘what the hell is wrong with this thing?!’ I was trying to move the pit around with my spoon trying to get it moving again!”

He went on to reveal that “it blended everything except the pit” and that he didn’t stop until the crew hinted to him that he needed to remove the pits from the blender.

“After 15 minutes of letting me make a debacle of myself they were like [stage whisper] ‘SCRAPE IT OUT!’” he shared. “And then I clicked and I was like ‘ohhh okay!’, and then I had another crack. There might’ve been some pit residue, though!”

The anatomy of an avocado isn’t the only thing Ivan learned from his time on The Bachelorette, though.

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Describing it as a “rollercoaster journey, to say the least!” Ivan said that he found his time on the show to be “eye-opening”.

“I really got to learn a lot about myself emotionally,” he said, explaining: “I’m either zero or a hundred, I need to find a middle ground!”

He laughed, adding: “I think having such a long break from dating and then jumping into something like this, it’s sort of like going into the grand final when you’ve been retired for five years.”

Still, Ivan has no regrets, calling it an “awesome experience” overall.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he said, despite his emotional exit from last night’s episode.

Ivan said that he was surprised that Ali didn’t choose him to stay on after their double date rose ceremony, because he knew “how invested” he was and how much effort he’d put in to “[make] the relationship work with Ali”.

“I thought, ‘there’s no way that she could send me home, considering how much I tried and how much I’d put into it up until that point’,” he said.

Noting that he “did feel a little bit of a connection” between himself and Ali, he said that he’s since come to believe that he “definitely scared her off” when he revealed that he wanted five kids and, upon reflection, has decided that he’s “willing to compromise on that one!”

Ivan went on to say that it was “a bit hard” to watch Ali say that she didn’t feel a connection with him because he was “all in”.

“Maybe I was a little oblivious,” he mused, before adding, “but I guess she was being honest, so yeah, that’s that”.

Although sad to have not been on his Bachelorette journey for longer, Ivan had nothing bad to say about his double date contender Bill, noting that he’s “not the one to pass judgement, because that’s the reason I ended up on the date -- one of the boys had a judgement about me that was false, when I was definitely there for Ali”.

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He continued: “I think Ali’s a smart girl and if Bill isn’t there for her, she’ll work it out.” For now, Ivan is focused on his dance career and said that things are going well.

“I’m always working hard and dreaming big -- big stuff like [being in a Step Up film] takes time and it’s all about progress, but yeah, I shot up to LA after the show to make a few more moves, and it was another step forward, let’s just leave it at that!”

With all of that out of the way, we bookended our conversation with the other most important question: “What’s your favourite Step Up film?”

“The first one! With Channing Tatum, guaranteed!!!” he exclaimed.

Upon hearing that my favourite of the series was Step Up 2: The Streets, he replied: “Steph, we can’t be friends”, but when I explained that the final sequence is iconic, he agreed, saying: “Yeah, when it’s in the water, and Moose is killin’ it!”

We decide to have a dance-off to settle our debate, something which I will not win, but will bring my passion to.

“I can’t wait,” he laughed.

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Feature image: Ten