Casey Donovan Shares Blind Dating Tips And Deal Breakers

Casey Donovan says there's a lot you can discover about someone's personality -- just from the tone of their voice.

Donovan appears on tonight's episode of Ten's Blind Date where she has to pick out potential suitors -- without actually laying eyes on them.

She told Studio 10 that although it was "daunting" to pick the unseen bachelors, there's a lot you can work out just by listening to someone.

“Can you tell a lot from a voice? asked Angela Bishop. "You’re a singer… do you reckon you can pick if someone’s a total douche from their voice?”

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“You really can," replied Donovan. "I don’t know, it just lays in the tone and how they pronounce things," she said.

“You can hear the arrogance but you can hear the sexiness,” she laughed.

Donovan said it was tough navigating the dating scene after being catfished by her best friend a few years ago.

"It was a bit tricky getting back into it," she said. "Having my first relationship be a fake relationship and still not having a relationship being 30," she said.

The singer said that while she had her sights set on being the next Bachelorette, Blind Date was the next best thing.

“I think it’s just the closest thing I’ll ever get to The Bachelorette. When I get given an opportunity – I’m an opportunist – so I took it," she said.

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Donovan said she's open-minded about dating and doesn't really have a 'type' but mentioned one crucial deal breaker.

"If Crocs come out at the party… I’m not a Crocs and socks fan," she warned any potential Croc-wearing bachelors.

You can watch Casey Donovan on tonight's episode of Blind Date at 7:30 on Ten. 

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