The Bachelorette 2018: Nathan Thinks Charlie Was Threatened By His Connection With Ali

After an explosive fight with Charlie saw Nathan unceremoniously kicked out of the Bachelorette mansion last night, one of the more polarising characters on this season of 'The Bachelorette' pleads his case.

Calling his Bachette experience "very, very intense", Nathan said that living in the mansion "amplified every single emotion you have".

"It amplifies every part of your personality as well. It brings out the very, very worst and the very, very best in you," he explained to ten daily over the phone.

Asked if he thought he would have responded differently to any of the situations that arose during his time if he hadn't been confined to the mansion, Nathan said no, but went on to say that there were "a lot of things" in the show that he felt were "taken out of context".

"I would never say some of the things that I’ve said about myself [on the show] -- I’m actually a very humble person and they made me out to be very cocky, but that’s the nature of the beast," he ventured.

Offering an example, Nathan said:

"They asked ‘how do girls perceive you’ and I said ‘unfortunately, it’s annoying but girl often perceive that I’m a ladies man,’ -- they just used ‘I’m a ladies man’. So I’m actually saying the complete opposite to what I said."

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Despite seemingly having his words twisted, Nathan didn't seem too fussed by it, adding: "That’s what I signed up for."

Nathan told us that he was "asked on [his] Instagram if [he] wanted to" sign up for The Bachelorette, and figured "it would be a cool experience".

"You’ve gotta find love some way, why can’t it be on a TV show?" he said.

Although we didn't get to see much one on one time between Nathan and Ali on the show, Nathan assured us that he actually did get "a fair bit of time" with her.

"That’s the thing. That’s what you guys see," he said.

He went on: "I organised things for Ali at the cocktail party, I sat with her, we had a lot of things to talk about and we had some of the same morals and you know, we had the same upbringing and we both agreed on that. She said to me, like, ‘I’m a very deep person’ but that’s not what they showed on TV."

Nathan also dismissed Wes' belief that Ali had kept Nathan in the mansion over him in order to spur on drama for the series, saying:

"The guys are only there for what they see. They’re not there for when I’m alone with Ali, and we did have a genuine connection. Maybe she was doing it for the show, or whatever it is, but I felt like we had a genuine connection and she said that to me, as well."

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Despite being questioned both in and out of the mansion about his motivations for joining the show, Nathan stressed that he was there for the right reasons, and denied that he was trying to cheat during last night's group date game of Guess Who by trying to predict Ali's answers.

"I was a hundred percent truthful in that game, I spoke a hundred percent from the heart," he said. "That was the truth, whether the guys thought it or not."

Nathan continued: "You know, it’s funny because Charlie... he starts putting all these ideas in people’s heads and then people are like ‘oh yeah, oh yeah!’ -- he’s just telling them what they want, you know? Charlie’s the first person, I think, to tell people what they wanna hear."

Theorising that Charlie was threatened by Nathan's connection with Ali, Nathan said: "Charlie never said anything to Ali until she started showing interest in me. Just before he’d [told her about the rumours], she’d said that she wants to find out more about me, she really liked me and all that sort of stuff. It wasn’t until he realised like, ‘oh maybe he is a threat’ that it all came out."

Nathan went on to say that the discussion had taken place "one or two days before the cocktail party", and stressed that Charlie would have had a chance to tell Ali about it before then if his concern for Ali had been coming from a genuine place.

"Basically, there’s just a lot of times where Charlie sees someone as a threat and will just start clutching at straws to try and get what he wants," he said.

Although he feels like he could have formed a stronger connection with Ali if he'd stayed in the mansion for longer, the 24-year-old isn't mad at Charlie for instigating the argument that saw him eliminated from the competition.

"I don’t hold a grudge against anyone -- Charlie did what he thought he had to do in that moment," he said, before going on to add, "but there’s a difference in our personalities and morals, I would never do that to him or to anybody else, no matter how much I disliked them."

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