Netflix's New Series Is So Scary People Aren't Sleeping Anymore

In the lead-up to Halloween, so many movies and TV shows are available to put a right scare up ya, and in the case of Netflix's latest offering, people are really freaking out.

The Haunting of Hill House is based on Shirley Jackson's novel of the same name, and arrived on Netflix earlier this month.

It stars Michiel Huisman, Carla Gugino, Timothy Hutton, Elizabeth Reaser, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Kate Siegel as members of the Crain family who, in 1992, moved into a spooky old mansion called Hill House.

You can probably guess -- based on the title -- that things in Hill House don't run so smoothly, what with all the damn HAUNTING going on.

The series follows the Crain family both in 1992 and in present day when they're all grown up, dealing with their varying traumas having faced some inner demons and probably some literal demons when they were younger.

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It's honestly a great watch, especially for fans of horror. It's not trying to be anything more than it is, but it's incredibly well executed, and a ton of fans are loving it.

But there's another contingent of folks who just... weren't quite ready for just how tense and spooky the series is.

Even the godfather of horror, Stephen King weighed in on the series calling it "close to a work of genius".

But here's the thing: the series doesn't just feature a bunch of jump-scares, that would be too easy. Hidden within the episodes and casually in the background are handfuls of spooky spectres that the series never points out, they're just there for you to notice... or not.

The show's official account has been tweeting out what would otherwise look like cryptic clues, but when you head to the specific episode and timecode, you can usually spot a certain someone -- or something -- lurking.

On a personal note, some of us absolutely can't cope with scary movies and TV shows, but the performances, the great storytelling and the FOMO on a top-notch show have led us to the terrible discovery that the show is pretty damn great.

So if you do check it out, feel free to give us a shout and let us know what you think. We won't be sleeping for a long, long time.

The Haunting of Hill House is available on Netflix now.