'Light as a Feather' Is The Spooky Show You Should Watch This Halloween

If there are three things I'm obsessed with, it's Halloween, 'The Craft' and binge-watching series -- so what better way to combine my faves than with the spooky new series 'Light as a Feather'?

Described as a mix between Pretty Little Liars, Final Destination and The Craft (one of the most iconic flicks of the '90s IMO), Light As A Feather is a 10 episode series written by Zoe Aarsen and starring Disney Channel star Peyton List and 13 Reasons Why's Ajiona Alexus.

Queens of my life.

So basically, a group of friends get together to play the game that every one of us did during childhood sleepover -- light as a feather stiff as a board!!!

For those who grew up deprived/under a rock and have no idea WTF we're on about, the game involves one person lying in the centre as the rest of the group sits in a circle around them. Then, using only fingertips, everyone chants, “light as a feather, stiff as a board” while trying to lift the person lying in the middle of the circle until they 'levitate'.

K, got it? Good.

Another ~iconic~ scene from The Craft.

ANYWAY, the group gets together to play the spooky game, joined by the new girl in town, Violet (by Haley Ramm), except they have a cute little addition in which they read out predictions of how each member of the group will die. Fun!!

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Image: Rachael Thompson

Can you guess what happens next?? Yep, each person begins to die in the exact ways the game predicted they would (hence the Final Destination comparison)!!!

Final Destination was hectic tbh.


So if you, much like myself, love scaring yourself to the point that you need to sleep with the light on and your pupper (or in my case, three) in your bed in order keep you safe from ghosts/demons/poltergeists, we reckon you'll be a fan of the thrilling series.

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Check out the (frankly, terrifying) trailer above-- and try not to knock over your Diet Coke from being startled, as I just did!

While the show is currently available on Hulu here for the US, there's no word yet on whether it'll appear on one of our Aussie streaming platforms (*cough* Stan pls pick this up???? *cough*)