Nick Cummins' Passionate On-Air Plea To Brittany And Sophie

After a rollercoaster fortnight for The Bachelor, Nick Cummins has cleared the air in an exclusive chat with The Project.

Nick Cummins AKA the Honey Badger has spoken about the mental toll of the backlash from The Bachelor Finale that shocked the nation.

In a finale that saw him not to choose a 'winner' and face the wrath of a nation, Cummins said he was shocked by the 'venom' that was launched at him.

"I thought there would be more understanding than there was," Cummins told The Sunday Project.

"It's been sensationalised."

He said it was tough having to see the girls suffer, and felt terrible about having to send one of them home during the course of the show.

"I can pick one of the girls, or I can be honest."

Cummins also said he had contacted the finale two girls, Sophie and Brittany a week after filming was done six months ago and made an impassioned plea for them to contact him with any questions.

"Brittany and Sophie you know I care for you a lot and I’ve said this so many times throughout the show and you saw that I mean it. This media stuff sometimes, some of these tabloids can get in the way and it’s annoying to think that a natural progression of our friendship has been squashed because of this."

"Either way, I’m here if you need to call me to get questions answered or to get anything off your chest. And, any young blokes out there – stand for something or fall for anything, follow your heart.”

The former Wallabies player said his career had seen him in some high stress situations, even being confined to a wheelchair at one point due to injury, but The Bachelor and the response to finale had drained him more mentally and emotionally.

"But [The Bachelor] was a whole other beast. I have never been in a mental space as low as I have been on that show," he said.

In a surprising moment he mentioned that he had actually chosen the girl he would pick if he felt the need to pick but refused to say who it was when asked by the panel.

"I did have my options... I knew who it was going to be," he said.

Cummins addressed the cancellation of his recent book tour saying "what's most important" was put the issue surrounding the Bachelor ending "to bed".

He said he did not regret going on the show but at one point did question his decision.

Days after completing a grueling charity walk on the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, Cummins was tracked down by Channel Nine's A Current Affair.

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Cummins, who was staying a hotel in Port Morseby, was unknowingly filmed relaxing in a pool and followed by a camera crew to a lift.

ACA journalist Reid Butler approached Cummins and his friends as they were walking through the hotel.

"Can we ask you a few questions about the mess you've left back home?" Reid asked.

In the tense confrontation, Cummins pleaded for privacy and warned Butler and his crew he would call for security.

"We'll just get security, I don't know mate, just don't hassle me," he told Butler.

"I'm just trying to have a bloody, trying to chill out, copping enough crap from people like you mate."

Cummins' friends defended the former Bachelor. Image: A Current Affair

As Butler tried to continue questioning Cummins, the former Bachelor's friend James Brodie stepped up to his defence.

"Don't ask the question mate, we just asked you three times," he said.

"It's going to be the last time I f*cking say it."

The confrontation came after Cummins previously opened up on The Project about his decision to not pick a girl in the finale of The Bachelor.

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Nick Cummins talks to Lisa Wilkinson. Image: The Sunday Project

Defending his decision, Cummins said it was a "difficult" decision that hurt him to make.

"If I can't stand here right now, and say I'm picking her, and I love her -- if I can't say that, why would I start something with someone," he told Wilkinson.

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Sophie, Nick and Brittany.

The two girls in the finale, Brittany and Sophie, were less sympathetic when speaking on The Project.

"I hope he's a little embarrassed," said Sophie.

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For Brooke, who was the favourite to be picked, she has moved on from Cummins and does not love him anymore.

"I definitely have a soft spot for Nick, but I know the relationship ended when it ended," she told Wilkinson.

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