The Bachelorette 2018: Ali And Cheyne 'Weren't Compatible'

Although bachelor-hopeful Cheyne thought his brief conversation with Ali was enough to carry him through to week two, he said that he "wasn't really upset" to be leaving so soon.

Speaking to ten daily over the phone, Cheyne said that he'd originally signed up for The Bachelorette after being encouraged by a friend who'd also applied.

"I’d tried all the other apps and all that stuff, so I thought, 'why not?'" Cheyne said, adding that his friend didn't end up making the show because he didn't "get out of his shell enough" during casting.

After trying his hand at reality TV, Cheyne said that he thinks this will be a one-time adventure for him.

"I’m not really into the limelight kinda thing, I’ll find my girl at a pub in, I don’t know, Venezuela or something," he said. "I’m not really into the whole, cameras on me thing. I’d rather be taking photos than be in them, you know?"

Despite gauging that he and Ali wouldn't be compatible together as a couple, Cheyne was still surprised to find himself without a rose.

"Truthfully I didn’t think that I was going home," he ventured. "I thought that our chat was sufficient enough."

Cheyne continued, explaining that Ali holds "a different idea of marriage" than him.

"This kind of white picket fence thing’s not really me," he said. "I’m kind of more... you have a partner in crime and then you just take on the world kinda thing, you’re not just stagnant in a house with kids and a dog."

In fact, Cheyne was so sure that Ali "wasn't really the girl for [him]" that he "wasn't really upset" to see the end of his Bachelorette journey so soon.

"When I was leaving, you could see I was kind of smiling, and that’s why I walked up to her and said ‘I hope you do find the person you’re looking for,’ because love is beautiful, I hope everyone finds the person they’re looking for," he said.

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Although Cheyne wasn't Ali's Mr Right, he's confident that she'll find her perfect partner is in the mansion.

"There actually are a few guys that are very serious in that house and would make perfect guys for her," he shared. "Bill, he’s a sensational dude, on and off camera he’s exactly the same -- happy, smilin' all the time, just a very good person. You just need a happy dude to come home to."

He also said that the intensity of Charlie's feelings isn't just for the cameras, but that he wasn't being "clingy" when he cut in on Cheyne's conversation with Ali.

"He was really into Ali," he said. "You could see it after he came back from that date, he’d talk about her exactly the same as he’s talking about her on camera. He was infatuated with her."

"We’d be down at the gym just talking about normal, non-show things and he’d just bring her up and talk about her, it was quite cute. Like, you’re doing the bench press and he'd be like ‘oh my God, Ali is really attractive’."

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While we might be seeing a genuine portrayal of Bill and Charlie, Cheyne said that there's more to Paddy and Nathan, who've found themselves at the centre of the show's drama this week after a confrontation at the very first cocktail party.

Although Cheyne said that he doesn't "condone" Paddy calling Ali "fit as f**k" over and over again, he can empathise with him after experiencing "the tension" in the mansion on the first night.

"It was just really tense, we were all freaking out because you can’t prepare yourself for that," he explained.

The Paddy that Cheyne knew, he said, is the one we saw defending Cheyne in last night's episode.

"Paddy didn’t condone what Charlie was doing to me by cutting me short," he said. "That’s the Paddy I know, he stands by his friends, a real good bloke when it comes down to it, I think he just got overly excited."

Despite being one of the house's most polarising figures, Cheyne said that he wasn't surprised to see both him and Nathan receive roses last night.

"What I saw in both of them -- Nathan is a charming dude, but he has a real sensitive side, he’s a real nice dude, a stand-up dude, and same with Paddy," he said. "Ali must’ve seen what I saw in them, that’s why she gave them the roses.

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Feature image: Ten