Australian Survivor 2018: Sharn Says Mat Was "Unfair" To Her

Spoilers ahead!

In a final vote of 5-to-4, this season's jury chose to vote 61-year-old former Olympian Shane Gould as the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders, beating out Sharn by just one vote.

After copping the brunt of jury member Mat's disappointment at what Sharn referred to as her "one minor indiscretion -- if you could even call it that" in the game, Sharn told ten daily that she felt it was "unfair of Mat" to hold that against her when it came down to the vote.

"I played the whole game loyal to him," she said. "We were good mates out there, we propped each other up when we needed to, I thought... yeah, that was really unfair, but ultimately, he made that choice, and now he has to live with that. So that’s it."

Although she'd felt confident making her pitch to the jury, and sold her gameplay to the best of her ability, Sharn said she began to feel the heat once the questions from the jury came rolling in, "especially from Mat".

"I suppose, I can understand his reasoning to a degree but I just feel that if that were me, I would’ve respected the gameplay more than that indiscretion," she explained. "For 50 days, I held it together, I played smart moves, I was the backbone of the Champions team, like, I really held everyone together all the time, so, yeah... If the situation had been reversed, I wouldn’t have made that decision, but that’s Matty’s decision and I respect that."

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The "minor indiscretion", of course, was Sharn opting to play her not-so-hidden immunity idol on Mat's behalf, before swiftly being talked out of it by Benji, who convinced her to play it for herself -- a move that cost Mat (who had an immunity idol of his own) the game.

Sharn said that in the moment, she was "completely shocked" by Benji's move, but ultimately, she figured she'd better play it safe, and play it for herself.

"I thought, if there’s some truth to this, if there’s a twist or something happens and I go home with this idol being played for Mat, then, that’s not why I came out here, so I had to save myself," she shared. "I was completely shocked that Benji was so outspoken, and no one else piped up and time went very fast, so it was quite a crazy moment."

And, unlike Mat, Benji and Russell, Sharn's happy that she at least got to play her immunity idols.

"My husband had said to me before I left, ‘the last thing you wanna do is leave the game with an idol in your pocket,’" she said, calling Benji's elimination "a fitting end to [his] life in the game". 

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Sharn said that overall, she had an "awesome Survivor experience" and "wouldn't change anything"

"I got to final two, I obviously played a game good enough and well enough to get to that point, so I’m proud of my game," she said, musing: "Once you change one thing, it has that ripple effect. Maybe I would’ve been sent home earlier."

Despite ultimately losing the game to Shane, Sharn said that although "there's always difficulty when you're weighing up the two options", she was always going to take Shane to the final two with her over Brian.

"I absolutely respect and admire Shane, and I was loyal to her in the game," Sharn said. "We had a great friendship, there was no way I wasn’t gonna take her to the final two. I wanted to beat the best in the entire game and I felt like Shane was the better player. To be the best you’ve gotta beat the best and that’s the way I live my life, that’s why Shane was always coming."

She continued: "I didn’t want to give Brian that opportunity to go to the final two, even if it might’ve been an easier win. The ultimate decision came down to, I just respected Shane's game more than Brian’s".

One of the reasons for that, she said, was a respect for Shane's social game, because it more closely reflected her own.

"Part of my strategy going in was to have a social game with everyone," she explained. "I wanted to be in a position where someone would choose to take me to the final two. Brian didn’t think about that -- he burnt bridges with me along the way and then ultimately it cost him because I chose Shane. That was one of his biggest mistakes, he didn’t think about that. He just had his way and that was the way he was gonna go, to his detriment."

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