Australian Survivor 2018: The Final Showdown


Welcome to the final Survivor recap for the year, and what a journey it's been!!!!

We've seen tears, tantrums, insane feats of physical strength and crafty gameplays, but it all comes down to who will be crowned tonight's Sole Survivor, and take home a cool $500,000???

After saying farewell to Queen of Sass, Shonee, we now have just Brian, Sharn and Shane left, and it's almost impossible to guess who will take the crown, so let the showdown begin!

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We kick off with our final three looking pensive as they reflect on the snuffed-torch graveyard (and we're reminded that Russell was in the game, like, 948 years ago).

What do you call a man hiding in a bush?

After three ~inspirational~ speeches from our trio, it's time for the final Immunity Challenge, and how these guys perform will make or break their last chance at taking the title.

It wouldn't be the final challenge without a lil' something extra special, and Jono does not disappoint -- in fact, he tells them he's brought in some v. special people to cheer them on... Their families!

Aaaaaand I hope you had your tissues ready, 'cos we were NOT ready to hop on this feels train!!

First in are Sharn's husband and kids, and even King Grubby is crying at this point.

Shane Gould's husband Milton is out of the barracks next, and it's honestly a beautiful thing watching these guys see their loved ones after 49 days, it almost melts my cold black heart.

OK, scratch that -- I'm a full-blown sobbing mess once Brian's family comes in and he gives his daughter her toy bunny that he received in his gifts from home earlier in the season.

But no time for feelings rn, 'cos it's on to the LAST CHALLENGE!

It's another tortuous-looking pole challenge, where this time, they have to have to hold on for dear life on a SWINGING pole in the middle of the ocean. As if the others weren't hard enough, it's like, okay, let's add some seasickness to the mix.

My idea of hell.

After an hour and 18 minutes, Shane is the first one out; which is honestly impressive, 'cos I'd be done within like 4 mins of that sh*t, but hey, this is why I'm not on Survivor. 

It's Sharn vs Brian, and nearly two hours into the challenge, Brian randomly pipes up with: "It's the easy option taking Shane". Um, excuse me King Grubby???

He's trying to get all up in her head, and says, "You play a better game than her" -- to which Sharn, Queen of Loyalaty, shoots back, "You'd be surprised how good a game she's been playing and not only that, she's contributed all the time to the tribe, are you kidding me?"

YASSS girl, we love us some #GirlPowahhh!!

Brian's like, "If she played that well, why would you take her?" and then goes, "I dare ya to take me then!", like sorry, is this primary school??

At two hours and 15 mins in, Brian takes his hand off the idol, only to have his wife literally call him out on it. He's disqualified, and Sharn wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 2!!!


Sharn now has one helluva decision to make: who will she take with her to face the jury in charge of crowning the Sole Survivor?!

On the one hand, she's got her island BFF Shane who she's been loyal to throughout the game and vice versa. Then there's Brian -- her enemy in the game. It's a toughie!!!

It's time for Tribal -- and sorry, but sidenote; how amazing does Shonee's hair after finally being able to wash it after 49 days?!!? Imagine that feeling...

~Pantene Pro-V Extra Care~

Sorry -- back to Tribal!

Shane and Brian are going back and forth, pleading their cases to Sharn.

Brian's honestly digging himself into a hole as always... Even one of the jury members comments on how rude he is. He also goes, "well if you wanna take the soft route out..." and how dare you refer to Shane Gould as the soft route!!

Onto the moment of truth! With Sharn's vote is being the only one that counts tonight, the final member of the jury is...

King Grub! Brian!

This means it's now up to the jury to decide between criminal barrister Sharn and Olympic champion Shane as to who will be the last (wo)man standing and crowned Sole Survivor.

It's now time for them to face the jury...

They now must pitch their cases to the jury, who will then put forth questions to each of them in an open forum. Then, the jury votes, and we'll have our winner.

Dun dun dun...

Shane's up first...

She tells the jury that she started the game inexperienced, and due to her age she was one of the physically weaker players -- but she still survived.

She points out that while she may have been the oldest, she never used her age an excuse. She reminds the jury of the time she found an idol, aligned herself with strong alliances, and that time she was a double agent -- which saw her pull one of the biggest blindsides of the season.

She says that out of 15 Tribal Councils, her name came up only six times. She adds that she's played with honesty and integrity -- and that she entered as a Champion, and hopes to leave as one.

It's now Sharn's time to shine!

She says she shouldn't be sitting here right now because she's had a target on her back since the merge. In fact, her head's been on the chopping block ever since Benji left.

She tells them that she's a fighter and warrior, and had one of the strongest social games, which lead to information being fed to her, info that was imperative to her gameplay.

She reminds them that she stayed loyal to her alliance -- and that she's proud of that. She says that while she had a target on her back -- that the jury should put down the guns and pick the person who has been a beast at challenges and who has played hard throughout the entire game.

After both gave incredibly compelling reasons as to who should be the winner, it's time to answer questions from the jury...

Fenella and Robbie ask Sharn why she chose Shane, and why Shane is a threat to her, while Benji asks Shane what made her gameplay superior.

Brian chimes in and tries to shake things up, 'coz he's clearly still salty over being eliminated. He says to Sharn, "You talk about honesty and loyalty, but when you thought Mat's name was going to come up, did you tell him??" Drama!!!

Sharn says she didn't have time to tell Mat the whispers, and Mat says that he thinks Sharn's playing "the loyalty card" conveniently.

Shonee then says that even though Shane believes she played a great social game, she felt as if Shane completely disregarded her the whole time. So, Shonee's question to her is, does she even know where she lives most of the year??? 

We are screaming tbh, what a question!!!

BUT don't forget...

"You live in London for eight months of the year and you live in Noosa four months of the year," Shane casually hits back, adding, "Do you remember when I saved you in the tribe swap?"

She informs Shonee when she came into the Champs tribe, she felt sorry for her and took her under her wing and fought to vote Jackie out over Shonee. Mat then vouches for Shane's claims, saying she truly did urge the others not to vote out Shonee...

As for Sharn, they keep bringing up the fact that she never informed Mat about votes going for him, and she begs them to recognise her positive gameplay and to not let her one failure be her downfall.

The jury have heard everything they needed to decide... and they go off to vote.

Will it be Sly Fox Shane???

Or Sneaky Sharn???

And the winner is.........

Drumroll plssssss...........





Congrats, Shane! You can check out more on this year's Sole Survivor here.

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