The Bachelorette 2018: Meet The Bachelors

Ali's journey to love begins in just a few days time, but before she greets her brood of bachelors on the red carpet we thought you'd like to get to know them a bit better.

From the wild and whacky entrance stunts they'll pull, to the "bro code" BS we've come to know and love from our Bachelorette boys, we can't wait to see what this season has in store for Ali.

It may be her third time in the Bachelor world but this time she's in the driver's seat, and they'll be pulling out all their best tricks to impress her.

Make sure to check out the first ep to meet all the boys in person on October 10, 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.

But without further ado, here are Ali's bachelors:

Ben, 27, NT

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Ben

Are we seeing double or is the Honey Badger back for another stab at love? Just kidding, meet Ben an air conditioning mechanic. Benny may be a Badger look-a-like but he's also the very first bachelor from the NT!

Ben doesn't believe in love at first sight and according to him, if a woman has any characteristics of a Kardashian it's a dealbreaker. So any independent, wealthy and seriously powerful women should look elsewhere.

Bill, 31, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Bill

Bill's a hopeless romantic who believes "the one" is still out there for him. He's got his own plumbing business and while he may be busy with that, he's ready to settle down with the love of his life.

Bill describes his dream date as "anything that lets both people express themselves and have the chance to hopefully create a connection," when "mini golf" is a perfectly acceptable answer.

Brendan, 29, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Brendan

Brendan believes his terrible sense of humour makes him stand out in a crowd, and he's ready to wow the love of his life with what we can only assume will be truly crap jokes as, when describing his perfect partner, he said: "a sense of humour and fun is a must".

Charlie, 31, NSW

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Charlie (2)

Charlie is described as having a "complicated past" but for his rugged good looks, we're willing to look past whatever those complications may be.

He described his dream date as "the one where I meet my lifelong partner because I'll always remember it as the start to something great" and once again we urge these boys to just pick something like "windsurfing".

Cheyne, 28, NSW

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Cheyne

Lookin' smart in tartan, Cheyne is a construction auditor who has travelled the world (hopefully with a pair of pants in his bag in case his bagpipes gets cold).

Cheyne's dream date is having a wine around a fire while looking at the stars and he believes he can offer his lucky lady an open heart and an open mind... and, you know, an open kilt.

Damien, 42, QLD

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Damien

Damien says he's single by choice because he wants his next relationship to be "right" and not "just because". We're also single by choice because we choose to have a terrible personality. That's not Damo though, the retreat director manages his own slice of paradise and hopes to find someone who is up for a few adventures.

His ideal partner is down-to-Earth, into fitness and: "Someone I can trust and allows me to be open with, without judgement".

Dan, 32, WA

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Dan

Sports reporter Dan describes himself as a "cheeky fella" -- which is also how oldey timey British people describe pickpocketing orphans, right?

While he doesn't believe in love at first sight, he believes love is built by getting to know a person. Meanwhile, his perfect date would see him rugged up in the cold, specifically in Tasmania, experiencing snow, walks, food and red wine. TBH that sounds rad as hell.

Danny, 39, QLD

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Danny

An ex-cop, Danny is now studying to become a chiropractor, and he's looking to settle down with someone special. His dream date would be swimming with dolphins followed by dinner under some fairy lights and, look he's definitely come to the right show for that kind of thing.

Danny's worst date was when a woman brought her friend with her and they chatted the whole time without including him, THEN when he offered to pay for their coffees she went ballistic! Danny, you're welcome to show up and randomly pay for our coffees any time.

Daniel, 30, VIC

Let's hope Ali's type is "guys called Dan" because Daniel is the third of the bunch. The ex-Navy vet has a lengthy list of qualities he's searching for in a potential partner including strong-minded, well-mannered women.

She's gotta be ambitious, adventurous and needs to share the same interests and morals as he does, and if she can't give 100% of herself to him then Daniel's not interested. His ideal date just needs to be outdoors to be happy meanwhile, we prefer to be inside, alone, sharing the same morals as our TV.

Ivan, 29, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Ivan

There's nothing sexier than a guy who describes himself as both a mummy's boy AND an aspiring Magic Mike dancer.

Ivan's dream date includes a hike through a forest and a swim under a waterfall, "with some Dirty Dancing lift practice" thrown in the mix.

Jules, 24, NSW

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Jules

A former infantry corporal, Jules has left the military behind and --at the ripe young age of 24 -- is looking for someone to grow old with.

A dealbreaker for Jules is anyone who has a lack of self-confidence or independence, and he's looking for someone to join him on his dream date which may not be too specific but includes being pushed out of his comfort zone to get the heart racing. A strong coffee will get that job done also, just FYI.

Nathan, 23, NSW

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Nathan

When asked to describe himself in five words Nathan picked fun-loving, impulsive, high-energy, motivated and entrepreneurial.

That's seven words.

Paddy, 27, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Nathan

Gym manager Paddy is apparently a hot-head on the soccer pitch but a sweetheart when he's smitten.

He believes in love at first sight "to a certain extent", but thinks he's still single because of his fear of commitment. He's on The Bachelorette to overcome that fear, and to find the girl of his dreams who he'll treat "like no other girl in the world".

Pete, 27, QLD

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Pete

Pete described his dream date as "anything adventurous" but also admitted that he loves beach dates, so he's definitely on the right show.

While he's had his heart broken before, he's on the hunt for a loyal, smart and fit partner to settle down with. Pete also said dealbreakers for him include if they don't have the same values and "she is not active", so that rules us out.

Robert, 29, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Robert

When asked why he was still single Robert said, "I just haven't met my Queen yet", which is also what we'll say on our deathbed but it'll be about Beyoncé.

Robert believes 100 percent in love at first sight, saying it's undeniable when two people have chemistry together. The plumber is just looking for that special someone to spoil with private dinners, candles and wine. Yo, those are like three of our favourite things Bert, call us.

Taite, 28, VIC

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Taite

Taite is apparently known as Dr Phil to his friends because he often has good advice and NOT, as we first thought, because he once got into a fight with the Cash Me Outside girl.

While Ali may not need to work to impress Taite, she'll have to keep in mind that he's looking for someone who his mum AND nan will adore. While a long-distance relationship "would suck", Taite said it's not a dealbreaker as he's willing to move for love.

Todd, 26, WA

The Bachelorette S4 Episode 1 - Todd

Todd was once a woodsman who was cursed by a wicked witch to have skin of tin. He's looking for his soulmate, a young girl from Kansas, to take him to a wizard to hopefully help him find his heart.

Sorry, we're joust kidding. Todd's looking for an adventurous soulmate who'll join him on his many, many trips to the gym. He'll work out day or knight!

Wesley, 31, QLD

The Bachelorette Australia S4 Episode 1 - Wes

A heavy machinery operator (careful, we'll make the jokes), Wes often gets called Tarzan due to his gorgeous, flowing hair and his inability to say more than "YOU JANE".

He loves a bit of adventure, listing snowboarding, race car driving and skydiving as some of his hobbies. While he loves a bit of adventure, Wes thinks he's still single because he's a little too shy.

Here's hoping he's able to work up the courage to woo Ali -- but we'll have to wait and see...

The Bachelorette Australia premieres Wednesday, 10 October at 7.30pm on TEN and tenplay.