Fans Got Teary Over Awkwafina's SNL Monologue

Comedian and rapper Awkwafina has paid tribute to her hero Lucy Liu in her opening monologue for ‘Saturday Night Live’.

The actress is only the second Asian woman to host SNL -- Lucy Liu was the first way back in 2000.t

Awkwafina has revealed that she actually lined up outside the 30 Rock in New York as a kid when Liu's episode aired, in the hopes of seeing her idol.

"I was a kid, I didn't have a ticket so I knew I wasn't getting in but I just wanted to be near the building," the Crazy Rich Asians star told the SNL audience.

"I remember how important that episode was for me and it totally changed what I thought was possible for an Asian American woman," she added.

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Awkwafina added that the hosting gig was "a dream I never thought would come true".

"So thank you, Lucy, for opening the door," she said.

"I wasn't able to make it in the building back then but 18 years later, I'm hosting the show."

Fans of Awkwafina have been getting emotional on Twitter about the heartwarming introduction to the comedian's monologue -- pointing out how important representation on the big screen is.

Awkwafina signed off her speech by declaring "I love you, Lucy Liu!"

And we love you, Awkwafina.

Main Image: Getty Images.