Australian Survivor 2018: Farewell, Queen!

Spoilers inside, as per.

OMG can you believe it’s finale week already?!?!

At day 47, with just four Castaways left the stakes are higher than ever as there can be only one ~Sole Survivor~.

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Following last week’s insane episode in which we saw the Shh Alliance blindside Monika and flushed Brian’s Immunity Idol, the game is well and truly ON, moles!

We enter tonight’s ep with Shonee being pretty chuffed about being the only Contender left, saying, “those bitches would have never thought I would have made it this far!” and sorry but we didn’t think it was possible to stan her any more than we already do but here we are???

Meanwhile, Sly Fox Shane tells us that Brian is still salty about being played by the Shh Alliance, and soz mate, but this is Survivor.

King Grub soon corners Shonee, demanding to know what happened to working with him, and she says she ditched him 'cos he didn't stick to the plan at Tribal earlier on, which saw Shon's partner in crime Fenella eliminated. But Brian isn't having it and says in a confessional that "he can't trust her."

Brian and Sharn collect the tree mail, and they can choose to split BLT between themselves and the rest of the tribe or leave the others without the meal. Sharn says she values honesty in the game, and Brian's like "I'm pretty hungry, a whole roll would be nice," and tbh who didn't see that coming?

They reveal on the count of three whether they want to 'steal' or 'split', aaaand Brian ends up with the whole lot, and look -- that's not ideal -- but at least we didn't have another vom-inducing #Nachogate scene on our hands.


Time for tonight's Immunity Challenge, and it's not a physical challenge for once!!! For this challenge, they'll need to quickly manoeuvre discs through a metal maze before stacking them on top of one another.


JUST as he looks like he will take the win, Brian accidentally knocks his whole tower of discs over, but then Shane does the same, and then Shonee does the same, then Sharn -- being the slowest -- also knocks hers over.

So they all have to start again, Lol.

OH FFS. Brian wins immunity -- for the fourth time. So this means he has a spot in the top three, and we're just over here like...

So with Brian being immune from the ~Shh Alliance~ at the upcoming Tribal Council, Shonee is hoping that Shane chooses to take out Sharn. But with Shane and Sharn being close throughout the whole season, will she turn on her pal??

Turns out no. "I would never turn on my bestie," she tells us in a confessional, and Sharn and Shane then plan to "break up the Shh Alliance" and concoct a plan to take out Shonee, and pls no.

Me yelling at the TV rn.

But Shonee is a smart cookie, and she knows that something's up. In fact, she's going ROGUE -- so she tries to convince Sharn to take down Shane.

Meanwhile, King Grub wants to vote Sharn, so Tribal Council looks like it'll be messy AF and I honestly don't even know how this will pan out...




Brian makes some grand speech about how Survivor isn't real life and you have to lie to get through the game, while Shane says she has "strong loyalties" and she's going to stick with that...

They vote, and Jono reads them out... and by a HAIR, Shonee is the 21st person voted out of Australian Survivor -- and Fenella's face accurately describes our feelings rn.

We're DEVASTATED. But at least #Shonella are finally reuniting in the Jury Villa...

Farewell Shonee, you may not be the queen of Survivor but you'll always be the queen of our hearts <3

You have no idea how long I spent making this...

See you all tomorrow for the big finale!!!

Australian Survivor: Champions Versus Contenders Airs 7.30 Monday-Tuesday on TEN, WIN Network and Tenplay.